Opinion: It’s never too early to begin Christmas preparations

November should mark the start of the holiday season.


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christmas decorations

Krystin Langer, Columnist

There are two types of people when it comes to the celebration of the holiday season. There are those that begin zealously blasting Christmas music the day after Halloween and the grinches that scoff at the immediate festive spirit.

Categorizing myself as the former, I make no apologies for my head start on preparing for the winter holiday. The instant Halloween is over, I can be found decorating my apartment with red and green while a Christmas playlist graced by the voices of both Frank Sinatra and Mariah Carey is blaring out of my speakers.

When the first snow flakes hit the ground and the spooky decorations retire to the attic, it’s an appropriate time to begin engaging in the festivities.

For those who can relate, I’m here to validate your Christmas time obsession and tell you that you’re not alone.

A study commissioned by Minted, an online design company, sheds light on a study regarding the proper time to begin preparing for the holiday season. In the study, 43 percent of Americans said it’s suitable to put up holiday decorations even before November.

Stores such as Dillards, Target, and many others play into this premature celebration. With decorations and holiday gifts being stocked sometimes long before the arrival of Halloween, it’s hard for a shopping trip to not draw a person in to the early yuletide spirit.

The Hallmark Channel also reaffirms the anticipatory observance of the season by hosting a marathon run of cheesy holiday movies that begin midway through October.

While some people may argue that there is a major holiday between Nov. 1 and Dec. 25, Thanksgiving is really just a part of the drawn out Christmas celebration.

Despite carrying a separate title, the turkey-centric holiday is a prequel to the main fete and the beginning of the holiday shopping spree.

For many that share similar values to me, celebrating Christmas brings back nostalgic memories, and having a mere 25 days to bask in that ambience doesn’t seem like nearly enough time.

The sounds of festive music and the traditional decorating of trees prompts blissful feelings that can serve as a relief to an otherwise stressful time of midterms and holiday planning.

While countless Facebook posts and tweets label early celebrators as excessive for their fervor, it is probable that these scrooges were not fortunate enough to partake in the merriment of past Christmas gaieties and simply don’t share the same yuletide excitement.

And so, despite the judgement from others, I will continue to fly my holiday spirit flag high, and I encourage my fellow Christmas lovers to follow in my footsteps.