Editorial: DI endorses Janice Weiner for Iowa City City Council

The Iowa City native and former diplomat has the best perspective to be successful.


Katie Goodale

City Council candidate Janice Weiner answers questions during an interview with The Daily Iowan in the Adler Journalism Building on Wednesday, Oct. 16, 2019. Weiner is running against Megan Alter and Laura Bergus for two at-large city council seats.

DI Editorial Board

Two at-large seats will be filled in the upcoming Iowa City City Council election. It is the opinion of The Daily Iowan Editorial Board that Janice Weiner is best fit to fill one of those seats.

The Iowa City native has a lifetime proving her dedication to public service. Weiner was a U.S. diplomat for 26 years and currently works with local public-good groups such as Shelter House and the Iowa City Foreign Relations Council.

Her view of local government is more than what she calls her “public service matters” platform. She has a genuine understanding of the issues Iowa City faces.

While all three candidates running for the at-large seats have made affordable housing a priority in their campaigns, Weiner’s all-encompassing viewpoint shows her depth of knowledge on multiple layers of issues. For example, she emphasized the need for improved transportation in an interview with the DI.

“Everything is intertwined,” Weiner said. “People in the workforce need places to live and need to get where they need to go in order to not have low unemployment.”

This intertwined perspective on local government applies to her plan to fight climate change. The issue is not in its own box for Weiner; climate change is included in every issue. Weiner wants to make new and existing buildings in Iowa City as energy efficient as possible.

Weiner is also committed to broader climate action on the local level. She cited recent efforts from students to make the environmental emergency a more prevalent priority in Iowa City. 

“I think everyone has to hold our feet to the fire,” Weiner said. “I think the young people from high school have been leading this to a large extent in Iowa City. We need to stay active.”

If elected, Weiner plans to make community-focused decisions, working for the whole of Iowa City instead of a few citizens or issues. 

“Public service to me is going to everyone and getting to know them,” Weiner said.

Iowa City voters will be able to vote for two candidates each in the at-large city-council election on Nov. 5. The DI urges the electoral to include Weiner as one of their choices.