Iowa City, Coralville police respond to reports of car vandalism


Brooklyn Draisey, Summer Editor

Iowa City and Coralville police responded to numerous reports of cars being vandalized on July 23, according to a city of Iowa City press release.

Iowa City police are investigating the cases of vandalism that occurred in the city as they search for links between those and Coralville incidents, according to the release. Iowa City police Capt. Denise Brotherton said in an email to The Daily Iowan that there has been no link found yet, but it is probable that they are connected.

At the time of the release, Iowa City police had responded to 17 reports of broken car windows that had apparently been shot out by a BB gun or pellet gun.

Coralville police report approximately 37 cars with windows shot out, according to the release. Reports came to Coralville police throughout the early morning hours.


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