Highlights from Baylor women’s basketball’s Sunday press conference

On the eve of Iowa’s Elite Eight matchup with Baylor, the Bears answered questions regarding the game.


Katina Zentz

Baylor players listen to questions during their press conference at the Greensboro Coliseum Complex on Sunday, March 31, 2019. The Hawkeyes will compete against Baylor in the Elite 8 game tomorrow.

Jordan Zuniga, Sports Reporter

Greensboro, North Carolina — On Sunday, Baylor’s starting five, along with head coach Kim Mulkey, took to the podium to talk about Monday’s game against No. 2 seed.

Mulkey on Iowa’s style of play

“I see that everything they do offensively goes through Gustafson, and she is a tremendous player. And if you try to go down there and double her or help, she has perimeter players that shoot the 3-ball that you can’t leave them open. While she’s the best player in the country according to ESPN, she isn’t doing it by herself. She has plenty of help around her.”

Center Kalani Brown on waiting for the game

“Yeah, waiting is the hardest part because you’re so anxious to get out there and you’re so anxious to play. But you know, we just do what we normally do in a normal routine. It’s best not to change anything.”

Forward Lauren Cox on guarding Gustafson

“I think it’s going to take both [Brown and I] to stop her. She’s a good post player. They have a good duo inside with Stewart and her. They run kind of some of the same stuff we do with the lob plays and kind of like our main offense look. We call it Baylor, but just like that high-low passing. So I think it will be a good matchup.”

Guard DiDi Richards on how Mulkey motivates her players

“I kind of feel like if you have a coach that you know that has your back, you’re going to have her back no matter what, and I feel like our team, and our chemistry is something that, you know, is shown because of how much we have each other’s back, I guess.”

Mulkey on whether or not she will key in on any particular Iowa player

“No. They are too good, too balanced to focus on one particular player. I think it’s the same way with Gustafson. You know, everybody talks about her but that team is not a one-person show. And they all play well together. They complement each other well. So there’s not just one ‘If you stop this one you’re going to win the ballgame.’ They are too good.”

Cox on how Iowa differs from Baylor’s previous opponent (South Carolina)

“I think they are going to shoot a lot more 3s than South Carolina did. South Carolina is quicker than they are, and they like to get out in transition. Not to say that Iowa won’t get out in transition, but I think they will try to shoot more 3s and establish their post presence early.”

Mulkey on whether or not experience in the Elite Eight is an advantage for Baylor

“No. I’m not going to pass or shoot. Those kids have to go out there on the floor and they have to do it. It’s an exciting time for all those kids on both teams, and it should be.”