In their own words: Are you filling out course evaluations?


Joe Cress

Photo Illustration by Joseph Cress

Assessing the Classroom Environment is an online evaluation system that allows students to anonymously provide feedback for their instructors. As the semester wanes, we asked UI students: “Are you filling out your end-of-semester course evaluations? Do you think they are useful?”

I haven’t filled out any yet. Do I think they’re useful? I don’t know. They might be useful for staff. Just depends. You fill them by the time the class is over, so you usually don’t notice the results.

Sukurat Giwa, UI Statistics Major

Yes, I actually just did that on my phone and in class today. I think so. Today in class we all agreed on the same thing, and as a result, it highlighted the need for a change in the course.

Gina Mendolia, UI Accounting Major

I am. I think some of the questions are useful, but a lot of them are open-ended. Some of the questions are lofty. My main concern is that people don’t take them seriously. The comment sections are by far the most helpful, and I’ve heard teachers say the same.

Brad Pector, UI Art Major

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Yes and yes. I’m a doctoral student, and I’ve found that other institutions that I’ve been at have used them for staffing and course improvements. The comment sections are especially helpful.

Evan Fowler, UI Music Performance Grad Student

I think that they’re very useful for both the TAs and professors because they might be a working at a similar university in the future. Especially for the TAs. The comments will help them organize in both large and small lectures.

Kuo Wang, UI Engineering Major

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