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The English-Philosophy Building is seen on Wednesday, Aug. 26, 2020

Opinion | Students at the University of Iowa need to learn about all of the literary magazines on campus

Signe Nettum, Opinions Contributor March 2, 2021

As an up-and-coming New York Times Best Selling author — hey, it could happen someday — I constantly try to get my foot into the proverbial door of the writing world. Coming to the University...

Cartoon: Earls Tea on Caucuses

Cartoon: Earl’s Tea on Caucuses

Haley Triem, Cartoonist January 26, 2020

Cartoon: Earls Tea on Finals Week

Cartoon: Earl’s Tea on Finals Week

Haley Triem, Cartoonist December 15, 2019

Cartoon: Earls Tea on Snapchat

Cartoon: Earl’s Tea on Snapchat

Haley Triem, Cartoonist December 8, 2019

Cartoon: Earls Tea: Cyber Monday

Cartoon: Earl’s Tea: Cyber Monday

Haley Triem, Cartoonist December 1, 2019

Cartoon: Earls Tea: Thanksgiving Break

Cartoon: Earl’s Tea: Thanksgiving Break

Haley Triem, Cartoonist November 17, 2019


Cartoon: Earls Bubble Tea

Cartoon: Earl’s Bubble Tea

Haley Triem, Cartoonist November 10, 2019

Cartoon: Earls Tea: Halloweek

Cartoon: Earl’s Tea: Halloweek

Haley Triem, Cartoonist November 3, 2019

Cartoon: Beezle & Bubba: Makin Faces

Cartoon: Beezle & Bubba: Makin’ Faces

AJ Boulund, Cartoonist October 30, 2019

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