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Tom Brady Unsure Why Legendary Coach Bill Belichick Has Not Been Offered New Coaching Role

NFL legend Tom Brady is unsure as to why his former New England Patriots head coach, Bill Belichick, has not been handed a new role since announcing his departure from the Gillette Stadium and is unsure as to how arguably the greatest coach of all time is currently unemployed.

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71-year-old Belichick left the Patriots after a poor 4-13 season, but clearly, over the course of his 14 years at New England, he achieved a great deal, including six Super Bowl titles, with Tom Brady at the helm throughout his successful years with the franchise.

Though the timing was perhaps right, Brady feels that the fact that no new offers have seemingly come in for the veteran head coach is something he can’t quite get his head around, something he commented on this week,

“I don’t know the criteria for hiring coaches. I’ve never been a part of it,”

“I mean, I’m surprised that the greatest coach ever doesn’t have a job, absolutely. But I’m surprised [by] a lot of things in the NFL.” Brady added.

On his exit from the Patriots, New England’s owner, Robert Kraft, is still full of praise for his former head coach,

“Well, he’s pretty special,”

“We were lucky to have him for a quarter of a century. We only wish him well.”

“I’m very proud that our partnership lasted for 24 years,” Kraft said at the time. “Bill has taught me a lot over those years, and we had high expectations for what we could achieve together. I think we were the only ones who had those expectations, and I think it’s safe to say we exceeded them.”

As for what happens next for Belichick, one wonders if motivation may play a factor, when you have done it all, there may well come a time when you feel that there is no need to continue pushing, though it’s unclear if that is how the old statesman feels about his current predicament.

Some have speculated that he had made a move to become the head coach at the Atlanta Falcons, but on that front, the team’s owner, Arthur Blank, made it clear that issues relating to a lack of control did not come into play in terms of his decision to instead turn to Raheem Morris,

“I do want to make it 1,000% clear, want to go to 2,000% or 100,000, whatever per cent you want to use,”

“Bill Belichick never asked for, in our discussion, full control of the personnel or the building or anything of that nature.”

“He was very inclusive, very collaborative. He met Terry Fontenot, checked out our people doing his own references, sent me a private text, which I eventually shared with Terry that he’d be happy working with him.” Blank added.

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