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Health and Wealth: The Dual Benefits of Becoming a Co-Founder at UAB Kilo Grupe


Breaking into a global health market that’s expected to reach a value of $559.52 billion by 2027 may seem near impossible for startup businesses. However, digital health company and startup accelerator, UAB Kilo Grupe, may offer the perfect solution for budding entrepreneurs with their Co-found Program.

Since 2021, the Co-found Program has supported budding entrepreneurs in establishing a success-driven team delivering market-leading wellness products. Successful applicants will gain unique opportunities to access HR and IT resources, pushing lucrative ideas to the forefront of the digital health and wellness industry. The program lets them refine their business acumen, overseeing the marketing and development of an existing product idea or propose a completely new concept.

Having a 84% growth in a year and recognized as the second fastest-growing company in Central Europe, Kilo Health brings great resources, an industry-leading reputation, and remarkable expertise to the table. Here are 4 ways that these factors benefit co-founders:

#1 Access to resources

Thanks to Kilo Health’s established infrastructure, all co-founders need to launch their own companies is the passion and drive to make it happen. They’ll have all of the funding,technology, and operational capacity that they need to make it happen.

#2 Valuable Team Support

Co-founders will enter one of Kilo Health’s ready-to-go teams working on an existing project, or select members for their own dedicated team from over 700 health and wellness ambassadors.

Take Vitalijus Majorovas, for example, a biohacker and certified sleep and recovery coach. Through the Co-found Program, he was able to develop the vagus nerve stimulation device Pulsetto, which has helped more than 10,000 customers lower their stress and anxiety levels.

The program allows entrepreneurs to work with like-minded, skilled individuals, fostering a working environment in which they’ll thrive. If their idea isn’t yet ready, Kilo Health’s impressive log of existing projects provides a stable starting point.

#3 Brand reputation

Joining the Co-found Program provides individuals with the opportunity to be backed by the prestigious Kilo Health name and reputation. They’ll become part of a company that has created and invested in an extensive portfolio of over 30 successful digital health and wellness products, making it easier to secure their place in such a competitive industry.

#4 Work-life balance

Not only will co-founders get the chance to become the next digital health success story, but they can also benefit from the company’s unique and flexible hybrid-remote work model. Co-founders can choose to work at one of their 7 offices across Europe, or from the comfort of their own home to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Along with employee benefits like private health insurance and extra days off to recharge, Kilo Health also funds team-building trips to help get the creative juices flowing, which is key for maintaining that Co-founding entrepreneurial spirit.

Become a Co-founder today

Want to help more than 6.5 million people live more meaningful, healthier lives? Apply to become a co-founder today and make a difference through Kilo Health’s innovative HealthTech products.

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