Top B2B marketing automation trends to look for in 2023

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It is the age of automation. Whether onboarding or upskilling your employees, businesses rely on automation to make the process more efficient and save time and resources. If you prefer the traditional working mode, you might lose out on a lot and fall behind your competitors.

Marketing automation is essential if you want to personalize your marketing campaigns to tailor fit the needs of every one of your customers. Those who use automation in marketing have a better chance of saving their creative workforce to develop better strategies, as automation AI will take care of the most tedious and manual tasks. It is only possible to stay connected to your customer base 24 x 7 if you use automation.

This is where automation software like Pardot comes into place. It is the best B2B marketing automation solution for all your needs. It helps engage more leads, streamlines the sales process, gives you robust analytics/ROI tracking, website visitor tracking, lead qualification, and sales analytics, takes care of social marketing, and much more. Check out Pardot Salesforce to see if it is the best fit for your business today.

With that in mind, let’s look at 6 B2B marketing automation trends that you should look for in 2023-

A better understanding of user data and a more personalized experience

Personalization is the pillar on which marketing strategies most rely. The best way to a customer’s heart is through personalization. You cannot possibly personalize all the customer’s journey manually, whether you are a small or a large company. It will end up wasting all your time and energy that you could have used to develop different campaign strategies to bring in more leads.

Automation software helps immensely in understanding all the customer data effortlessly. In this day and age, customers expect companies to know them. However, you do not have to spend hours creating reports and analyzing customer data. Marketing automation software streamlines the entire process by giving you robust analytics so you can understand your customers better and develop strategies accordingly.

Live video

B2B marketing is experiencing a boom in live video usage. It is bringing more leads and customers and creating engagement like no other. So, every company focuses on a live video segment to make the most of this marketing trend. Some interesting key facts about this live video trend that you should be aware of-

Most people prefer watching a live video to reading a blog.
The live-streaming industry has grown exponentially between April 2019 and April 2020. Companies using live videos reported more traffic than usual.

How marketing automation helps here? Well, it can analyze the interaction with your videos and instantly reply to all the queries and postings, so you can see how everything is working. With this interaction data, you can make your strategies more precise to target your leads.

End-to-end channel integration

These days customers choose what channel to use to communicate with a brand. To meet the demands, you must have multi-channel marketing to meet your customers where they are. Multi-channel marketing goes a long way toward bringing more leads. Research shows that companies integrating at least four channels outdo companies with only around two channels. With marketing automation, managing so many channels would not be an issue anymore. You can seamlessly distribute your data or oversee a multi-channel campaign. You can also see what channel is preferred by which group of customers and tailor their experience accordingly.

Pairing content marketing with automation

Content marketing and automation are powerful if you know how to work them together. With the data you gather with your marketing software, you can strategize your content to bring more leads and generate higher ROI.
Marketing automation software helps you know your customers like no other, and you can create a buyer’s persona based on the information. It becomes easier to develop a content strategy once you know who your target groups are.

So, what are you waiting for? Integrate marketing automation software in your business to see the results now.