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The Daily Iowan opinions staff on what issues they’re taking to the polls.


Grace Smith

An attendee holds up a sign during a march for abortion rights in Iowa City on Saturday, May 7, 2022.

Luke Krchak, Opinions Contributor

Climate Change

I voted for the first time this year. The most important issue to me is addressing the climate crisis. Other issues are important, but I think they won’t matter if we let our climate go. I believe the U.S. should focus on long-term problems rather than focusing on smaller short-term problems.

Chris Klepach, Opinions Contributor

The Economy

With the midterm elections coming up, I have been thinking about what matters to me as a voter. As inflation hits businesses and consumer wallets, I believe the government should be most concerned about the economy. Financially, we need to look after ourselves if we want to stay on the right track for the future. Otherwise, the economy will be stagnant at best.

Naomi Rivera Morales, Opinions Contributor

Reproductive Rights

There are many issues that are of great importance this term. One issue I will be taking to the polls is reproductive rights. We should all be aware of this issue that has surrounded one’s right to their own body. I do not believe it should be up to anyone else to decide what someone will or will not do with their body. No one should be forced to give birth. It should be a choice, and it should be respected.

Elise Cagnard, Opinions Columnist

Reproductive Rights

I am not alone when I say it’s a scary time to be a woman. In just the past few months, there have been unprecedented drawbacks to the women’s rights movement. Most notably, the overturning of Roe v. Wade that happened during the summer. That’s why, for this midterm election, reproductive rights are at the top of my priorities. I will only be voting for representatives who share my belief that a person’s bodily autonomy is their own, and nobody else should be in the decision-making process except them and whoever they chose to include.

Evan Weidl, Opinions Columnist


The last two years have proved beyond any doubt something that has always been true: We must protect and strengthen democracy. Former President Donald Trump’s attempt to overturn the election and the Jan. 6 Capitol attack were terrifying and sobering reminders that democracy is always vulnerable. We must be vigilant in our defense of it. Every day, our lawmakers try to make it more difficult for citizens to vote by opposing the amount of polling places and opposing mail-in voting. I am voting not only to remove the people who compromise our democracy, but to make our elections accessible, fair, and free.

Kyle Tristan Ortega, Opinions Contributor

Gun Control

One of my biggest priorities is my own safety and that of those around me. With that in mind, I will be voting for a candidate who shares my vision of establishing better gun control laws in the nation. Though guns are powerful weapons for self-defense, this does not justify letting everyone have them because guns are dangerous in the wrong hands. I do not feel comfortable knowing that anyone over the age of 21, even without a permit, can purchase a deadly firearm and casually walk around with it in Iowa. For everyone’s safety, this needs to change.

Yasmina Sahir, Opinions Columnist

Public Equity

When the Trump Administration became a terrifying reality in 2016, I watched as segments of the country united over propaganda that excludes certain groups from what it means to be an American. This proved the most important issue in any election is ending violent rhetoric and physical brutality against marginalized peoples. I am voting for candidates who say all are welcome.

Stella Logsdon, Opinions Contributor

Reproductive Rights

There are many issues at stake in this year’s midterm elections. But personally speaking, I am voting with reproductive rights at the top of mind. The reversal of Roe v. Wade over the summer really put into perspective how expendable bodily autonomy is to government leaders. I am casting my ballot in support of politicians who have campaigned on promises of protecting these rights. I hope to see continual protections for reproductive rights in both our state and national legislatures.

Peter Anders, Opinions Contributor


In this election, what matters to me and gets my vote is hard to discern. Nothing that really matters to me is on the ballot, and I believe no problems are ever going to get solved. I only vote because I have the right to do so, and I prefer to exercise that freedom. It’s like going to the dentist; I do it because I’m supposed to, not because I want to.

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