Style Guide: What to wear as a guy Hawkeye

Arts Reporter Mark Fortunato styles a creative outfit to support the Hawkeyes — designed so the dudes can have fun with fashion too.


Mark Fortunato, Arts Reporter

Hawkeye football is back.

After winning our first game, we want to continue our winning streak, especially against our rival university, Iowa State University. Knowing this is one of the most important games of the season, I want to go all-out, and represent our strong-spirited school. 

In the student section, girls wear all sorts of exciting outfits. Some wear crop tops with glittering gemstones spelling out “IOWA.” Others wear skirts decorated with the signature tiger hawk in bright gold. Most clothing stores in Iowa City market women’s clothing, especially for game day. For men, it’s a bit different.

There aren’t many stores that cater specifically to men, resulting in fewer options. Usually, guys wear basic gym shorts and a shirt with the Hawkeye logo. That is where it ends. For me, I want to break from this quite dull trend, and stand out from the crowd. 

Like other college students, I must recognize my budget isn’t as large as I wish, so I need to get creative with my options. 

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I was studying at a friend’s house, trying to gain ideas for what to wear. As I sat on the couch, I noticed telltale gold and black stripes tucked behind the dining room table — lying on a drying rack was a large-sized bib — the base of my outfit.

After asking to borrow the item, I was granted permission to wear it for the game. Already I had most of my outfit, but I knew I could do a lot more than just that. 

I went home, worn out from hours of studying, but I still wanted to find more. So, I opened the drawer I decorated with Hawkeye merch, and found a black shirt embedded with a bright yellow Hawkeye I could alternate. I found one idea to cut the sides of my shirt, similar to the gills of a shark. It will be quite hot out this Saturday, so it functions not only as a decoration, but also to keep me cool.

With additional face stickers left over from previous games, I plan on placing two Hawkeye logos right on my face cheeks. 

Every incoming freshman receives a set of sunglasses, with the Hawkeye right on the lens — I have yet to wear them. That will be my final detail in completing a school-orientated football outfit.

For anyone who wants to avoid mainstream outfits, stand out and maybe even be seen on the jumbo screen, consider something you haven’t worn yet! However, I do hope that Iowa City and the UI communities recognize that guys want to have a variety of different outfits too.