Senior Column | The DI always made me feel heard

Because of The Daily Iowan I always felt like my voice and opinion mattered.


Contriubted photo of Signe Nettum, Opinions Columnist.

Signe Nettum, Opinions Columnist

Once again, I am writing a goodbye letter and I am at a loss for words. I can talk your ear off for two hours about the latest Magic: the Gathering set, or about how my plants are doing, but when I am tasked with writing a letter to myself or others as a goodbye statement, I struggle to find the right words.

Does this problem happen because I have too many ideas and only 500 words at my disposal? Is it because I believe I am inadequate and have to have the perfect goodbye? Or is it because I am trying to type this up in between making scripts for presentations or writing my third five-page essay? Spoiler — it’s a combination of all three.

I never considered myself a news person. Growing up, the only news that caught my attention was the Sunday Morning Show on CBS that my parents forced me to watch. I liked the interesting stories they told, making small moments appear the most important.

I sought out the opinions section of The Daily Iowan because I wanted an outlet for my opinions, so I marched into the newsroom in early 2020 and demanded they add me to the roster. My time spent in the newsroom ended shortly thereafter. I never returned after the last meeting before spring break — none of us did, for the rest of the semester.

Half of 2020 and all of 2021 are a blur to me, in all aspects of my life — academic and personal. But the DI stood by me as a pillar and gave me the sense of belonging in the chaotic world. I felt heard on campus when I sat across state lines in Wisconsin.

I know that my journey through college in connection to the DI is not as exciting as other sections of the newspaper. I never traveled to new places to interview politicians or took pictures of rallies in the Iowa City streets. But I do not mind because I still had my share of the limelight with each of my articles.

I squeezed myself within the opinions section and produced articles that others would consider soft news — news that covers entertainment, lifestyle, culture, things that were important to me while on campus. Thanks to the DI, I always felt heard.

I added a journalism and mass communication major to my college plan at the beginning of my freshman year. At first, I did it just to appease my parents to say that I got a degree that meant a decent job. I did not like writing essays in high school, and I hated double checking things and researching. But, through my classes at the university alongside the DI, my love for journalism grew. I am happy that I took on the major and that I received it alongside my experience with the campus newspaper.

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