Opinion | Keep the threats to yourself

Put your petty politics aside and learn to treat everyone decently, even those who think differently from you.

Ally Pronina, Opinions Columnist

America’s forgotten the Golden Rule.

A video showed a Trump supporter, taking part in the protests, being hit in the head and kicked by the left. Joe Biden, despite calling for unity, has not condemned the violence.

Biden can not claim to be a president for all Americans and then turn a blind eye to violence toward Trump supporters. These people shouldn’t be attacked for supporting the president.

It’s easier to be disabled than conservative in Iowa City. The city of literature has no problem making people with disabilities feel welcomed but has yet to learn how to handle a dissenting opinion.

I’ve never had to worry about commentors saying I should get fired because of having disabilities.  My former editor, Marina Jaimes, had to for being president of Turning Point USA.  The hate towards conservatives on college campuses needs to stop.

Conservative journalist Ben Shapiro is never welcomed, including at Boston University. Despite not always agreeing with Shapiro, I would never treat him like the liberal students did. Learn to disagree respectfully.

There are plenty of more examples of hate towards conservatives on college campuses and liberal big cities. It does go both ways, however.

Trump, and other Republicans, should condemn hate crimes against the LGBT community. Republican lawmakers should not make laws, such as the one in Texas, that was flat out discriminated against gay people and people with disabilities.

Texas has reversed this decision. However, this law shouldn’t ever have been drafted. A study from Chapin Hill at the University of Chicago found LGBT youth are 120 percent more likely to experience homelessness.

This is a heartbreaking statistic and unfortunately, many the LGBT youth who are homeless probably come from households that do not accept them.

That is cruel, inhumane, and sick. Your child is still a human being worthy of love. That being said, the left needs to do a better job of protecting conservatives who are gay and transgender.

Blaire White, a conservative trans woman, has received death threats from liberal trans activists.  There are, unfortunately, Republicans who are transphobic and would send death threats to trans people. Personally though, I would never ever even consider it and have yet to meet a conservative who would.

Even if it is not because she is trans, the left is still threatening a transwoman — the very thing they rightfully fight against. Trans rights should extend to all trans people — not just those who agree with the liberal ideology.

Liberal disability advocates think it’s OK to be mean to me because I am a Trump supporter. Respecting people with disabilities should include conservative ones.

Conservatives should acknowledge Black lives matter.  Liberals should acknowledge blue lives matter.  I’m not saying they have to support the organizations but we should agree with both sentiments, regardless of our political views.

Change begins with politicians setting a better example. Trump should not have interrupted Biden during the first debate. Biden should not have called Trump a clown and told him to shut up.

It was wrong and unChristian for right-wing Christians to celebrate Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death. It also was wrong for professors to celebrate Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis.

We will get through Biden’s presidency and we would have gotten through 4 more years of Trump had he been re-elected. However, if we can’t learn to emphasize with and be kind towards the opposing political spectrum, we are in trouble.

As Jefferson Bethke wrote — love others so radically they wonder why.

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