Opinion | Policy forward versus policy pushback

The approach toward policy shown in the recent party conventions show a lot about how Biden and Trump will act leading up to November’s election.


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Hannah Pinski, Opinions Columnist

In about three months, America will decide whether President Trump deserves another term or if Joe Biden will take his place in office. While both the Democratic and Republican parties have hosted their conventions and launched their campaigns, there is a clear difference in the strategy each side is playing.

Biden’s campaign of pushing policies forward is how he is going to win this election against Trump’s campaign of policy pushback.

On Biden’s campaign website, he has dedicated a section labeled ‘Joe’s Vision,’ that lists his statements, history, and policies he plans to enact in areas such as ‘Racial Equity Across the American Economy’, ‘Joe’s Leadership in Times of Crisis: COVID-19’, and ‘The Biden Plan for Immigration.’ Some of his well-detailed plans include making COVID-19 testing more available and affordable, reinstating the DACA program, and increasing funding for the Minority Business Development Agency.

Biden’s clear ambitions and goals initiate a feeling of hope for the American people. With the unrest of racial inequality, uncertainty and fear surrounding COVID-19, and frustration over unemployment and evictions, America is looking for a leader to tackle these issues and restore stability and pride for the country. Through his strategic campaigning, Biden inserts himself perfectly in that role.

In the Republican Party, Trump takes a contrasting tactic against his opponent. In comparison to Biden’s website, Trump doesn’t even feature his ambitions or actions he plans to achieve his next term. Instead, he has a section labeled as ‘Promises Kept’ which lists his achievements in topics like immigration, law and justice, foreign policy. In addition, he has also attacked Biden’s policies accusing them of being socialistic and will cause chaos and disruption in America.

However, the real truth about Trump’s campaign is that he is attempting to cover his failures in social justice and response to COVID-19 by highlighting his few achievements and focusing attention on the ‘radical left’.

America is looking for a leader to defeat COVID-19, ensure equality, and restore justice in society. The frustration and heartache from the loss of lives, jobs, and housing that people have felt since March is too much to handle anymore. The pain and fear that the Black community is facing from social injustice has consumed their lives for too long.

So, when a candidate steps up and initiates that he is going to create change and tackle these issues, he wins over the hearts of the people and secures their vote. When all the candidate does is highlight his achievements and disregards what the American people need, I suspect that many are not going to see him fit for the next term.

Trump argues that he has prospered the American economy and created law and order across the country. He thinks he has advocated for American values throughout his term. But how can someone who has failed to take control of COVID-19, has ignored the roots of systemic racism, and built a wall display equality, opportunity, and justice?

Biden is successfully strategizing by forming policies where Trump has failed, and at the end of the day, it’s what’s going to win the vote. The more Trump attacks Biden’s policies which illustrate hope in America instead of acknowledging the problems the country is facing, the deeper he is digging his campaign into the ground.

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