Dead Horses puts on a relaxed, comforting show at the Mill


Megan Nagorzanski

Dead Horses perform at The Mill on Friday, September 20, 2019.

Ashley Dawson, Arts Reporter

With a guitar in hand, a backstory sure to tug at heartstrings, and a personal journey of self-discovery, Sarah Vos sang her heart out alongside bassist Daniel Wolff at the Mill Restaurant on Friday night.

With a name like Dead Horses, one would not expect the duo’s music to be soft and sweet. Their name, however, is in memoriam of a passed friend.

At the Mill, the atmosphere of the entire room felt friendly and inviting as Vos and Wolff climbed up onto the stage to begin their set.

Vos made her talent evident when she put down her acoustic guitar to pick up an electric one, yet still kept the same, smooth tone in her voice, even when accompanied by another instrument.

“I got my first guitar in fourth or fifth grade,” Vos said in an interview two weeks before their performance.

Dead Horses kicked off the night with their song, “Swinger in the Trees.”

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The pair’s talent was obvious right away, and the room fell quiet to listen to Vos’ melodic voice, paired flawlessly with Wolff’s smooth bass tones.

“Just a speck in the ocean, a leaf in the forest. So why then, all this fear?” Vos sang.

Wolff frequently switched between plucking his upright bass to using a bow throughout their songs. He and Vos’ set list consisted of a total of 10 songs with a bit of commentary between some of the music.

Before Dead Horses began their last song of the night, an audience member yelled, “I love you,” to which Vos laughed and replied, “We love you too.”

Despite Dead Horses’ rather small following at the moment, Vos has no plans to give up on their music.

“I would love to see Dead Horses remain a project that we both care about,” Vos said.

At the end of their last song, “On and On,” the audience showed their love and approval with a long string of applause and cheers, as Vos and Wolff smiled at each other and at the crowd.

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