Newby: Part-time jobs provide success for students

Students are set up for success when they pursue a part-time job during the school year.


Nick Rohlman

Iowa sophomore Katie Uehara works at the IMU welcome desk on Thursday, Jan. 25. 2018.

Taylor Newby, Opinion Columnist

First semester is winding down with only a few weeks left as plans are prepared for January that will carry over into the coming months — opportunities arriving in abundance. Spring semester schedules are filled with classes and on-campus activities — such as clubs and organizations that leave little room for leisure time. And what students choose to do with their leftover hours can shape the success of their second semesters.

One of the more beneficial ways students reap rewards in their remaining time is by picking up part-time jobs — chalking up 10 to 15 hours a week is enough to offer an influence on students’ success. Pursuing part-time jobs on or off campus provides success for students in a number of ways. And though many students work solely for financial benefits or because of financial necessity, part-time jobs offer more perks than just paychecks.

According to Forbes, part-time jobs provide opportunities to apply the concepts and material students learn in class. Though part-time jobs don’t always perfectly align with majors or areas of study, they do provide a way to wider perspectives and chances to create and connect with people outside of the classroom.

And with that, according to US News, students with part-time jobs are more likely than other students to persist in their education and earn degrees.

By fitting part-time jobs into the oncoming spring semester schedules, students are able to steward time-management in ways they otherwise haven’t had to before. By laying out course loads and readings alongside social events or campus clubs, there is a need to make time for what matters. Especially when factoring self-care — allowing time throughout the week to take time doing what they enjoy. 

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And with part-time jobs thrown into the mix, students are given certain rhythms in their routines, by prioritizing and preparing their plans in advance.

While part-time jobs provide paychecks, perspective, and the importance of penciling in priorities, they also allow clarity over personal career goals by allowing students the chance to try out different part-time positions. Therefore, it can be a good thing to rotate through the wearing of many hats.

Whether that be in marketing, a daycare, working with admissions for the University of Iowa, or by being baristas — it’s good to pursue a part-time job, even if it doesn’t look the same as declared majors.

And amid the discovering and debating that comes with trying out different part-time jobs, it’s important for students to remain rooted in studies and schoolwork while finding time to take care of themselves. So in the search for part-time jobs, students should pursue those that allow flexibility in balancing work, school, and personal lives.

The benefits of picking up part-time jobs are both incredible and encouraging for students. No matter the reason, whether it be for the paychecks or the number of other perks that a part-time jobs offer, students are set up for success when they fit part-time jobs into their schedules.