A Muse in the fashion collection for Skizzy Mars

UI Hawkeye Antony Muse has followed his design passions to create a fashion line for Skizzy Mars.

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A Muse in the fashion collection for Skizzy Mars




Lauren Barber, Arts Reporter

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With a last name like Muse, it’s easy to understand how Antony Muse has lived a life as artistic and full as his name would suggest. Whether he is creating writing, artwork, or pieces for his clothing line, creativity is something Muse is constantly engaging in.

After two personally challenging years and struggling to find what he wanted to do in life, Muse had a conversation with one of his role models that changed his course.

“I realized that I was the only thing keeping me from the things I wanted to do and decided to step out of my own way,” he said. “Then I started Muse Clothing.”

When naming the line, Muse found his own name to be quite fitting for his passion project.

“I actually can’t take credit for the name of the brand, that was all God,” he said. “I got really lucky with my last name also doubling as such a beautiful word.”

Thinking back to the beginning months and the first collection is all a blur to Muse. From creating designs to choosing the apparel to meeting with screenprinters, it would be easy to understand how everything rushed together. However, there are some things that still resonate clearly in the designers head.

“I remember picking up every shift I could at my job at the time to finance the start-up. Then I remember standing outside of my car, happy crying, looking at boxes filled with about a hundred and fifty t-shirts and hoodies with designs on them that had come from inside my brain,” he said. “Then it went on from there. It genuinely is all very much a blur, but I think I like it more that way.”

While creating the line, unlike many other designers, there was no ideal clientele in mind for the line. Muse’s focus was purely on the clothing and how it would become an extension of himself and his beliefs.

“I think we as humans tend to hide our emotions so much, even though they’re the one thing that connect all of us. Everyone knows what it’s like to be sad, and to be in love, and to fall out of love,” he said. “These emotions that are inherently human are what I really want to tap into. With that, naturally comes a message of inclusivity. All are welcomed and loved at Muse clothing. Regardless of race, gender, sex, sexual preferences, religion… you are a masterpiece that is worthy of being loved and I hope to never make anyone feel less than that.”

Muse’s magnetic personality led him to his current state, on tour with New York rapper Skizzy Mars. About a year ago, Muse was introduced to Mars through mutual friends and now, they’re sharing a tour bus across the country with Muse and his clothing line being responsible for the merchandise being sold on the tour.

For the collection, Muse was directly inspired by Mars’ most recent EP, “Are You OK?” as well as conversations the two shared throughout the summer.

The “Are You OK?” tour will be making a special stop in Iowa City at Blue Moose Tap House on Oct. 10 at 7 p.m. where Muse will be able to reconnect with friends and family for the first time since starting the tour.

For Muse, trying to figure out where he’s headed after the tour is a question he stopped trying to answer months ago.

“Life has been moving at a pace that I can’t keep up with and that I don’t completely understand,” he said. “But what I do know is that I am here and I am happy and I’m going to keep creating things that I feel need to be created. And at the end of all of that, wherever I end up; I’m sure I’ll be exactly where I’m supposed to be.”

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