Nadler: Finding brain power in the workouts we’re paying for

The UI is making great efforts to promote more exercise and a healthy diet, let’s take advantage of it.


Karley Finkel

Keeping New Years resolutions, many students run at the CRWC at the University of Iowa on Jan. 21, 2016.

Zohar Nadler, Opinion Columnist

As an avid believer of a “look good, feel good” life, I am rather impressed with the University of Iowa’s efforts to incentivize students to improve their health. Personally, I prioritize going to the gym five times a week because I believe that a healthy lifestyle now will lead me to a healthy lifestyle later in life.

I see that the UI buys into this idea by providing group workout classes, access to the Campus Recreation & Wellness Center for students, and the new Fit in Four Program. The importance of a healthy lifestyle paired with the UI’s efforts to promote this should push all students to put efforts toward active lifestyles. After all, as students we pay for this with student fees, so we might as well take advantage of it.

As a busy student, I still make finding a time to work out a priority. Going to the gym gives me a chance to focus on myself, boost my health, and disconnect from school and work — a much needed break from the hustling student life.

There are so many different things to do for a workout that my student fees are paying for. I like to do workout classes, go to Campus Recreation for an independent workout, or on occasion meet some friends at the Field House for some pickup basketball. Very recently, the UI has begun to offer a new health and wellness program for students called Fit in Four.

The program makes an effort to establish healthy eating and regular exercise to students. The program attempts to accomplish this in just four weeks by promoting an increase in physical activity and vegetable and fruit intake.

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While in the program, participants are asked to track their exercise and food intake, which can hold the participants more accountable to each other. As the program progresses, participants are expected to increase their exercise and vegetable and fruit intake more than when they started the first week. Fit in Four is designed to be fun while having a support group, with the incentive to live a healthier life.

To my fellow Hawkeyes, we pay for health and wellness in our student fees, so we should use them to the fullest extent. In addition, studies show that being active can help you sleep better, focus more, have more energy, and become less stressed. Energy, better sleep, more focus, and less stress — four things we students long for.

While we persist through all the madness of midterms, I hope everyone makes getting a workout in a few times this week a priority. Grab some friends, and go to a group class at the Rec or take a study break with some pickup basketball. Perhaps an active study break can lead to a better test score than a couple hours of studying at the library.