Hard-core band Knocked Loose Knocking its way into Iowa City


The sound board is shown at the Flatbush Zombies concert at Blue Moose on Friday, April 8, 2016. Flatbush Zombies came to Iowa City to perform as part of the Mission Creek Festival running April 5-10th. (The Daily Iowan/ Courtney Hawkins)

Sam Hookom, [email protected]

Coming off of its tour with metal-core giants Every Time I Die, Knocked Loose will headline a show at Blue Moose at 6 p.m. Saturday.

The show will also feature Hollow Earth, Cut the Tongue, and Still Standing, and it is expected to be energetic and intense.

According to the group’s agent, the band “has been amassing a large amount of praise from critics around the world.”

The band has played Iowa City before, and vocalist Bryan Garris describes it as “one of those places in the middle of nowhere that doesn’t get the attention it deserves.”

“Shows have been really short and sweet,” he said. “It allows for everyone involved to become closer.”

The band is touring in support of its début full-length album Laugh Tracks, a metal-core album that has been recognized as one of the most important releases in what has been called “the fourth wave of metal-core,” or “the first wave revival.”

Along with such acts as Code Orange, Knocked Loose has revived a sound buried under recent trends in the metal genre. One of the ways the band showed the sound off was by participating in Van’s Warped Tour this year, playing with many other well-known acts such as Neck Deep, Andy Black, Municipal Waste, GWAR, and Hatebreed.

In its short career, Knocked Loose has cultivated a devout following, toured the globe, and inspired many new artists.

On top of Knocked Loose, Still Standing, whose biggest influences are Bury Your Dead and Kublai Khan, said in an email to The Daily Iowan that the best part of going to shows in this genre is “getting out aggression in a positive way.”

The band members also describe their live performances as high-energy, and fans can expect the performance to be “a bunch of idiots moving around like they’re being attacked by bees.”

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