Iowa City, Johnson County feeling the Bern


Though final results are not in, it seems that the Iowa City and Johnson County are “feeling the Bern.”

One precinct, located at the Iowa City Public Library, had only one viable candidate — Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. It was the same story inside the Robert Lee Rec Center just down the street; all six delegates went to Sanders after former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Martin O’Malley, the former governor of Maryland, failed to garner 15 percent of the supporters at that precinct.

In another part of Iowa City, at a precinct in City High, 593 votes went to Sanders, while 299 went to Clinton, and just 28 were for O’Malley.

At the time this post was published, Sanders leads Clinton, 56.7 percent to 42.6 percent, respectively, with 27 of the 57 precincts reporting.

Clinton leads Sanders in the entire state of Iowa by 2 percentage points, with 63 percent of Iowa’s 1,683 precincts reporting.

The results are far from surprising. Johnson County, long touted as Iowa’s most liberal county, has been welcoming for the senator during his campaign. Just this past weekend, locals poured into the Field House on the University of Iowa campus to see Sanders, along with indie band Vampire Weekend and actor Josh Hutcherson.

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