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Financial aid, research targeted for federal stimulus money


February 17, 2009

After a heated debate, a $787 billion compromise, and nearly 1,100 pages of legislation, the federal stimulus bill is set to be signed by President Obama today — keeping UI officials on the edge of their seats. “I’m hoping...

UI economists evaluate federal stimulus bill


February 17, 2009

After the anticipated Federal Economic Reinvestment and Recovery Act becomes law with President Obama’s signature, some UI economists say the bill is a good move. “It’s a mistake to expect miracles,” said UI Director...

Despite exaggerated chlorine smell, UI water is safe


February 17, 2009

Of the thousands of individuals who wash their hands, hydrate, and use water daily on the UI campus, some may be picking up on a distinct odor this winter: chlorine. But the smell is not the result of an increase of the element...

Girl Talk to perform for 10,000 Hours show


February 17, 2009

The 10,000 Hours Show of Eastern Iowa announced Monday that Girl Talk will be the performer featured at the annual 10,000 Hours concert in April. “We wanted something fun, energetic, and different from what we’ve tried in...

Ask the DI: Why does ITS charge the same for double- and single-sided prints?


February 17, 2009

Q: “If ITS really wants us to print double-sided copies in the ITCs, why does it cost the same as printing single-sided copies?” A: The cost of printing single-sided and double-sided documents is the same because a piece ...

UI project to aid Ghana


February 17, 2009

A team of UI student engineers hopes residents of Ghana will see an improvement in their drinking water quality thanks to the students’ development of a hand-held water sanitizer. Because Ghana, in western Africa, is a relatively...

Iowa City makes plans for stimulus


February 17, 2009

Cities throughout Iowa are set to receive a portion of the $1.9 billion expected to flow into the state from the national stimulus package, though constraints in the bill have set limitations for desired projects in Iowa City. Funds...

State prepares for federal money


February 17, 2009

With billions of dollars in stimulus money set to flow into Iowa, officials are anxious to fund coveted infrastructure programs and shore up the state’s budget. But they’ll have to wait a few more days. Although President...

Prof: Journal writing becomes therapy


February 16, 2009

UI freshman Serena Everhart said she writes in a journal weekly — it’s one way the Muscatine native relieves some of her stress from classes, extracurricular activities, and work. “There are many things you just don’t...

UI prof an Arizona law-dean finalist


February 16, 2009

UI law Professor Margaret Raymond is the one of five finalists being considered for the law-dean position at the University of Arizona, officials recently announced. Raymond, the only female finalist, now has the opportunity...

Library acquisitions not yet hurt by budget cuts


February 16, 2009

Although UI Libraries won’t feel the full effects from budget cuts announced earlier this month, those at the UI Main Library are still prepared to make adjustments if necessary. Library acquisitions — academic resources...

Flood mitigation plan nearly ready


February 16, 2009

Despite the ominous presence of lake-size puddles and 3-inch blankets of snow, updates to flood-response plans make the UI and Iowa City ready to face the spring thaw, officials said. Last fall, the UI created the Flood-Mitigation...