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In Iowa City moped landscape, many ‘outlaws’ are unknowingly so


April 1, 2009

Of the approximately 40 mopeds outside Hillcrest Tuesday afternoon, only two of them had a flashy orange flag affixed to the rear. One of the flagless vehicles was Julia Kost’s off-white vehicle. She said her ride tops out...

For international students, U.S. jobs getting more difficult to attain


April 1, 2009

With the tarnish of a bleak economy, the United States hasn’t lost all its glitter for international students. “[The United States] has, in fact, much better opportunities for international students compared with any other...

Residents react as tobacco tax hits Iowa City


April 1, 2009

Although UI freshman and smoker Bryn Lee Lovitt is already struggling to pay for her cigarettes, she said today’s tobacco tax increase won’t stop her from lighting up. “My smoking habit has already trumped my frugality,”...

Cuts roll along in Iowa legislature


April 1, 2009

The UI and the state Board of Regents would both see state funding cuts of about 12 percent under a preliminary education budget passed out of the Iowa Legislature’s joint education appropriations subcommittee on Tuesday. Approximately...

UIHC heads into the age of digital records


April 1, 2009

UI Hospitals and Clinics officials said they’re preparing to launch the largest phase of their transition from paper to digital records — the final switch will take place in a few weeks. On May 2, all UIHC departments, the...

Iowa City City Council to get budget aid


April 1, 2009

The Iowa City City Council will conduct a telephone survey across the city to receive more community input on their budget-setting decisions. The council previously voted to place city projects and services in a prioritization...

Eyes on Ped Mall for fights?


March 31, 2009

Police are looking to video cameras as one way to combat violence between men in downtown Iowa City, authorities said. While the possibility of placing cameras downtown is an option, it is not yet being seriously considered,...

Homing in on the homemade brew


March 31, 2009

Armed with college-student budgets and engineering educations, two UI students are cooking up intoxicating flavors and stove-top savings in an apartment kitchen operation: brewing beer. A year and a half ago, 26-year-olds Kris...

Counseling Service deals with budget


March 31, 2009

The University Counseling Service is preparing to cut its budget if the economy doesn’t pick up in the next few years. While the center has not yet been affected by the UI’s budget cuts, Director Sam Cochran said the center...

From Antarctica to local craftsman


March 31, 2009

Snowstorms in late March may seem harsh for some Iowa City dwellers. But for Ryan Prochaska, this weather is mild compared with the conditions in Antarctica, where he lived and worked for six months. Prochaska, a 35-year-old...

100s address board on high-school enrollment


March 31, 2009

The Iowa City School Board welcomed hundreds of community members to share input about its high-school enrollment Monday night. More than 50 community members filled out forms to speak at the forum held at Parkview Church, 15...

UISG loosens campaign rules


March 31, 2009

UI Student Government campaigns are back — and the rules are less restrictive. Several changes were made to this year’s elections code — a nearly eight-page long document — and many loosen the rules candidates need to...