Stream To Success: Youtube Views & Live Streaming Strategies


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Live streaming has been a great practice today by YouTube users, especially for businesses. The main goal of live streaming is to get in front of the audience and increase the awareness of your channel and subsequently increase the number of views on your channel.

As a newbie, a live stream might be very exciting, but you might get disappointed if no one views your live stream. This is very normal, and it shouldn’t be anything to make you feel embarrassed.

To increase the live stream audience, you need a strategy and a good plan to ensure people see you live and they watch your live stream video. Live streaming has been viral on YouTube, especially with business channels, which need to discuss something about the brand, but as an individual channel, you can also live stream. In this article, we will discuss strategies to increase your live stream views.

How to live stream on YouTube

YouTube has a feature where you can live stream a video when your audience is more active and can share whatever video you want. To live stream on YouTube, follow these simple steps.

  • Go to your YouTube channel on your phone or tablet and open it.
  • At the bottom of the channel, click Create, then click go live.
  • Start live streaming immediately.

Live streaming can be done for up to 24 hours non-stop. While doing your live stream, you will notice people commenting on your videos and asking questions. You can answer their questions or type the answer using emojis.

When creating a live stream on YouTube, make sure that the live stream is engaging and entertaining to the audience. It should be something that the audience can contribute to the topic discussed.

Once you click on the live stream, ensure you are prepared to share content with your viewers. Besides, do not make the live stream too long for more than an hour, since it can get boring and people might leave the streaming.

It is also advisable that when you live stream, you do something dierent that will make the audience know you better at a personal level. You can also record the live stream session, which you can later share with people who were not online during your live stream by posting it on your YouTube channel.

How to get views on YouTube live streams?

1. Promote the live stream

This is the best strategy to get more YouTube views on a live stream. Promoting the broadcast is simply hyping the live stream before the actual live stream. This can be done by posting about it on the social networks that you will be live streaming on this particular day and at a specic time.

This will inform your audience when to tune in and not miss the live stream. You can also promote your live stream on your current YouTube videos by telling the viewers at the end of the video about your upcoming live stream. Be sure to tell them what the live stream will be about so they can look forward to attending it and interacting with you.

Promoting your live stream is very important since it ensures that subscribers are informed about your upcoming broadcast and can tune up for it. This will make your live stream video have many views, and if you go viral through shares, you will likely get many views.

2. Collaborate with other creators

Going live independently can be boring since you might lack the words to say, but if you collaborate with others, you will likely have an easy time. As a rst-time live streamer on YouTube, it might be best to ask a friend or a fellow creator to join you on your live stream to make the discussion topic interesting.

Collaborating also makes things more fun, especially if it’s a question-and-answer session. It gives you an easier time not to tense but to be bold enough when talking. Considering that during the live stream, people comment, collaborating will help you answer questions faster.

3. Use compelling descriptions and titles to promote your live stream

Titles and descriptions are meant to entice people to click on the video and watch it. The title and description of the live stream should be entertaining and something fun that any viewer would like to watch. You have to remember that only 50 to 60 characters of your title will appear on your search results.

This means that the title should contain the main keyword of your live stream and not be too long. The description should be concise and include the name of the person you are collaborating with within the live stream.

4. Livestream when your audience is active

You must live stream when your audience is most active to get more YouTube views. You can check your YouTube metrics to determine when the subscribers are most engaged. But on average, most subscribers are active between 10-12 pm during the day and 5-7 pm.

Live streaming during this time can make you reach out to many subscribers who might be active during that time. You can also check the comments and likes in your videos to see when most people view your video. This will ensure that many people view your YouTube live-stream videos.

5. Pick an interesting topic

A live stream shouldn’t be like any other video that you post. A live stream should be something enticing and entertaining. It should be something your viewers will see and understand more about your character than you have ever presented to them.

Pick an interesting title, like DIYs or Q&A, or anything engaging. This will make your viewers enjoy watching the live stream and remain rooted for a long time. This can also make your live stream trend if it goes viral.


Live streaming can be fun since it helps your subscribers know more about and interact with you. If you wish to get more views on your YouTube videos, create an entertaining topic for viewers. You should also post when they are most active. This will give you more YouTube views.