What exactly is a social casino?


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The advent of online casinos was certainly targeted toward casino gamblers who wanted to be able to play casino games of chance for real cash without having to visit a retail casino. It would be an understatement to say that online casinos have become a favorite form of adult entertainment for casino players all over the world.

As the online casino industry has matured, a positive unintended consequence of the industry’s popularity has taken hold. It turns out that people also enjoy playing online casino games when they can do so without actually gambling. This incredible realization has led to the birth of the so-called “social casino.”

The purpose and concept of a social casino

When you see the term “social” in front of anything, it’s safe to assume it has something to do with social interactions on social media. Now imagine for a moment that a top software company develops an online casino that does not permit gambling. Seems like a wild concept, right? After all, we have all been conditioned to immediately think about gambling when we see the word casino.

Well, that is exactly what is happening all over social media. Millions of everyday folks are jumping at the chance to download a mobile app or social media social casino site that allows them to play many of the same games that online casino gamblers are playing for real cash.

To better define the social casino concept, here are some of the key characteristics that make a casino a social casino:

  • There is no need for players to deposit real cash as gambling is not allowed
  • Many of the social casinos offer chat options to promote social interactions between players
  • Games are played with “virtual” chips that can be purchased or awarded free
  • Sites allow for competition between players with free tokens awarded as prizes
  • Players can compete in leagues and tournaments for boasting rights
  • Social casinos include standard games like video slots and table games (blackjack, roulette, craps, etc.)
  • Players can purchase add-ons to spice up their social casinos
  • Game odds tend to be more player-friendly since the casino owners really have nothing to lose

Why Would Someone Choose to Play Casinos Games Without Gambling?

Beyond the thrill of risking money while playing casino games, online casino players are quick to mention it’s fun. Win or lose, they enjoy relaxing while they play online table games and slots.

With the right mindset, playing casino games is fun. Long before the internet ever existed, there were commercial board games that allowed everyday folks to play table games like roulette and craps. Surprisingly, some of these board games have been around for decades. All that software developers have done is move the board game concept to the internet. The same thing has been done with popular board games like Risk, Monopoly, and chess.

The reality is people love playing social casino games because it’s a great form of online entertainment. Oh, the ability to socialize with players from other parts of the world also adds to the enjoyment.

Before moving on, there is another reason why social casinos have value. They provide the perfect practice environment for people who are interested in playing online casino games for real cash but don’t yet understand what that entails.

While there are no deposit bonus codes that allow people to make wagers at online casinos, there are still obstacles to overcome. At a social casino there is no pressure to win which helps newcomers familiarize themselves with these games before putting up their hard-earned cash on a real cash casino site.

About Social Casino Demographics

In some form, free online casino games have been available on the internet since the beginning of the new century. It begs the question, who is it that is downloading social casinos?

It turns out that the demographics of the social casino customer are very inclusive. Collected data indicates men and women love these sites equally. It’s also clear there is an equal distribution of teenagers, young adults, and mature folks who will frequent these sites.

The most popular games tend to be video slots and blackjack. The same is true for real-money online casino players. As for the countries of origin, it turns out people everywhere with the exception of the Middle East love social casinos.

How Social Casino Sites/Apps Monetize

Anything worth doing is worth doing for profit. Yes, social casino software developers do make money in three keys ways:

  • Through pop-up advertising
  • Through the sale of add-ons and virtual coins
  • By educating people who might be interested in visiting real money online casinos owned by the same developer

Last comment: Caution and discretion are warranted. Why? It turns out that playing free casino games can be just as addictive as playing real money casino games.