3 Best Sites to Buy TikTok Followers (Real and Safe)

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Many people consider buying TikTok followers and likes to give an instant boost to their account. This further helps them in increasing visibility and finding more organic followers who might buy their services.

It turns out that many influencers choose to build momentum on their social platforms at the beginning of their business, and buying followers is indeed the most hassle-free option for beginners. This does not mean that only new users can benefit from buying followers. If your TikTok is in a slump and needs a boost, buying followers can help you a lot.

Like most social media platforms, TikTok will recognize quality content with the most likes from accounts with lots of followers Your posts will rocket upwards naturally as more followers spread awareness.

If you are in the following situations, don’t miss a great time to buy TikTok followers:

  • You are running multi-platform marketing
  • You are in the early stage of your business and need to grow credibility on TikTok
  • You having high-quality video content but have not been discovered by the public yet
  • Your popularity reached the bottleneck period, and you want take it to the next level

Increasing your social presence is easy, provided you can find the shortcut that works best for you. Especially for content creators on TikTok, buying followers to increase their credibility gives them more time to create more exciting and meaningful content.

It’s easy to get TikTok followers; the trick is knowing which sites offer the best packages. For that, we’ve got your back.

We’ve put together the 3 best sites to get real TikTok followers:

1. PopularUp

PopularUp is a truly great site as they offer real real engagement from TikTok users to boost people’s presence on TikTok. The real followers obtained from any of this site’s services don’t drop thanks to being completely legitimate. You can also customize your experience by not only buying TikTok followers , but views and likes. Surprisingly, the site maintains a balance of fan quality and price at a very cost-effective advantage.

When you buy TikTok followers from PopularUp, you don’t need to provide your password or any other sensitive information. Instead, they’ll just ask for your username. It just goes to show how safe and straightforward the whole process is.

With PopularUp, you can easily learn how to buy followers on TikTok. Not only will you find their website user-friendly, but you’ll also get 24/7 support.


  • 4.99$ for 100 followers – minimum package
  • 28.99$ for 1500 followers – featured package
  • 114.99$ for 10000 followers – maximum package


  • High Quality & Super Quality followers
  • Fast Delivery in 1-6 hours
  • Refill Warranty
  • 24-7 Support

2. Useviral

Useviral offers different engagement packages to match different brand goals. Start by selecting a package, then enter your email and username in the format of their example URL. They will meet your criteria by providing you with high-quality followers that can help your account gain momentum. If you have any questions, you can contact their helpful customer service and they are sure to resolve it quickly.

You’ll gain real followers through genuine engagement with users in your target audience. It’s that simple! You can also buy TikTok likes and other engagements on the site.


  • 5$ for 100 followers – minimum package
  • 29$ for 1000 followers
  • 399$ for 25000 followers – maximum package


  • Fast Delivery
  • 30 Day Refills
  • Real High Quality Followers
  • 24-7 Support

3. Famoid

Famoid is a popular website where you can buy TikTok followers for your handle. The followers they provide are as real as they come, they do not engage with fake bots that have the potential to cause harm to your account. On top of that, the company also offers a refill guarantee; if the number of followers doesn’t match the package you bought, Famoid will fill that gap right away.

The site has a money-back guarantee, and positive reviews on their homepage, so all in all, they’re a great place to buy cheap TikTok followers and likes to your TikTok engagement.


  • 3.95$ for 100 followers – minimum package
  • 15.95$ for 1000 followers – featured package
  • 129.95$ for 10000 followers – maximum package


  • Gradual Delivery
  • High Quality Followers
  • Refill Warranty


Why should I buy followers?

Social media can be a competitive place when it comes to attracting attention. Whether you are a business, influencer, or regular individual, there are always thousands of other people vying for the same audience as you. That makes it difficult to gain brand awareness and succeed on TikTok without any assistance.

Will having more followers help my business?

Absolutely yes. Consider it this way—if you were a normal TikTok user checking out other profiles, who would you be more likely to follow: an account with 10 followers or an account with 1000 followers? This is what many refer to as “social proof.” A higher follower count proves to them that you’re putting out quality content that’s worth keeping up on. People are usually more likely to join a positive crowd than stray away from it.

Is it legal to buy TikTok followers?

Of course yes, it is perfectly legal to do so, it is not illegal and not against the law to buy TikTok followers. If you buy your followers from a reputable source that sells real followers, then there is nothing to worry about. If the purchased followers will be real and active people, there won’t be any ill-effects for your account.

Final Thoughts

Everyone knows how difficult it is to successfully grow a brand on social media, especially on TikTok.

In such a competitive environment, connecting with your target audience and converting them into paying customers is more difficult than ever.

Fortunately, though, there are now some sites that can help you buy TikTok followers, likes, and views—and we hope the options in the list above will help you!