How to play the game Aviator on 1xbet?

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It’s been a few years since the Aviator Spribe game appeared online. Soon after the launch, 1xBet included it on its games list, although it originally only appeared in low-traffic casinos. Aviator is arguably the most popular and notable crash game.

Aviator rules

Aviator game 1xbet is a classic crash game in terms of mechanics, where a random number generator (RNG) decides the winners and losers. Each gaming session is unique, and there is one result for all the participants. The game is re-launched each time, and bets start from just a few cents or rupees.

The gambler’s task is to predict how far the plane will fly. It is necessary to withdraw the money before the pilot disappears from the screen. If the player manages to do it, he will get the winnings according to the odds on the monitor at the moment the Cash out button is pressed. If he doesn’t, the bet loses.

Aviator rules are similar at all casinos, including 1xbet, since it’s a licensed game by a Georgian iGaming company Spribe.

How to start playing Aviator at 1xbet

To make your first bet at Aviator, a player must register at the 1xbet casino. Sometimes, its website is blocked by Internet providers, so you have to find a working mirror. The safest way to get in is to contact 1xbet support via email at [email protected]. After finding the correct URL, follow these instructions.

First, log in to the official website. In the top right corner of the interface, there is the Register button. You can’t miss it: the button is deliberately designed in green, compared to the usual blue 1xbet colors.

The next step is to fill in your data in the form. 1xbet provided a few registration options to choose from:

  • In one click — after pressing the button you will be given an account number and password. You can then fill in the required fields in your cabinet to get a welcome bonus. In addition, you will be offered the means to make a deposit based on your location.
  • By phone number — you will need to enter a code from SMS to confirm it.
  • By email — register via email.
  • Social networks and messengers — the authorization is available through various social networks and messengers, such as Facebook or Telegram.

Hacking the Aviator game: Is that possible?

There are plenty of websites and programs that offer a hack for an Aviator game. Be sure that all of them are unsafe and may harm you. The Aviator app can’t be hacked. Otherwise, casinos won’t let it on their sites.

Sometimes criminals may add viruses to the files you download, sometimes they try to sell their pseudo-hack for as much as $100. In a best-case scenario, you will lose some money, but it is also possible that the virus will steal your credit card details or just ruin your device.

However, winning is possible if you stick to strategies and tactics. 

How to win at Aviator: 3 strategies

Since the outcome of each round at Aviator on 1xbet is decided by an RNG, no strategy will guarantee you a win. However, if you stick to tactics, the chance of winning will dramatically increase.

So, there are three main strategies for playing Aviator, and they all include certain amounts of risk.

Low-risk strategy

This strategy doesn’t get you significant gains but allows you to minimize the risks. As soon as you reach the x1.20-x1.25 multiplier, withdraw the money. It reminds me of betting on a Bayern Munchen win against Bochum, where such odds are much less risky and give you a chance to make a larger bet.

Medium risk strategy

In this strategy, your goal is to reach the multiples of 2-3. You have approximately a 40 percent chance to win. This is still a good probability to win.

High-risk strategy

In this strategy, you aim to get a 100+ multiplier. Of course, you should not risk large sums here. Usually, such multipliers appear every 90 minutes or so. So, if such a multiplier hasn’t appeared for an hour, you can start betting. But here’s a reminder. A high-risk strategy is a bit of a lottery or a classic slot game, where your chances of hitting a platinum jackpot are very low.