Moving across state lines with a professional company

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For over 25 years, United Regions Van Lines has been offering an array of expert moving services. United Regions Van Lines is a small business that offers professional moving services, are licensed and insured by the Department of Transportation, and offer door-to-door premium options. For all your moving needs—no matter how or large or small they are—United Regions Van Lines has a trusted solution for you.

United Regions Van Lines offers premium services. Specifically, the company specializes in Interstate valuable items and household objects going across state lines. When you a book a service with United Regions Van Lines, you know that quality and safety are the utmost priority.

Some of the specific moving services that United Regions Van Lines offers include:

  • Complete packaging
  • Waterproofing and shock proofing
  • Assembly/disassembly of furniture
  • Appliance setup
  • Electronics setup
  • White Glove services in all the above

United Regions Van Lines has a strong foundation in place that remains at the forefront of their services. United Regions Van Lines can assist you with a variety of ways, such as:

  • Long-distance moves
  • Corporate relocation
  • Senior moves
  • Military moving
  • Storage services
  • Professional packing services

The services provided by United Regions Van Lines are done so by a professional crew of members. All professional movers are company certified and have at least two years of professional experience under their belt. With the quality in place, you can trust that United Regions Van Lines will meet your moving needs, regardless of what they are.

Whether you are looking for premium services or a reliable place to store your belongings, United Regions Van Lines can assist you. If you are downsizing, moving across state lines, or being relocated within your corporation, explore the options United Regions Van Lines provide.

Their storage services are in locations that are secured and camera-monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week—you will never have to worry about the safety of your items that are stored away.

If you need something professionally packaged, explore the packing services offered by United Regions Van Lines. They offer outstanding protection and transportation of your most valuable items. In fact, they recommend you allow their professionals handle the packaging, since they use the highest quality products and strategies to safely relocate your items. Furthermore, United Regions Van Lines will offer you a 50% discount on your packaging services if you agree to unpack your boxes after they have been delivered.

United Regions Van Lines is a reliable, professional, and affordable small business led by a team of caring professional movers. With over two decades in the industry, United Regions Van Lines upholds a reputation of being an effective and responsible moving service.

To explain your needs and explore your options for support, contact United Regions Van Lines right away to speak with a professional. From there, you can work with the team to establish a plan that meets your induvial needs, while ensuring your items are safely transported from your old location to your next. With the help of United Regions Van Lines, moving has never been easier!