How to Make Anniversary Cards for Parents

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Anniversary cards are a beautiful thing, but a cause of stress for many. How do you compile years of a relationship into an envelope – especially when it is a relationship as significant as your parents? They feed you, they clothe you, they put a roof over your head – and they like to remind you about it. Their love has shaped who you are. Help them celebrate this important milestone by saying ‘happy anniversary’ in a way that is unique to them. Say it with sincerity… say it with humour… say it with pizzazz. You can say it in all of these ways and more with anniversary cards from card shop Boomf.

Say it with… sincerity

An anniversary is a big deal and a good time to get reflective. Every relationship has trials and tribulations, and your parents’ relationship has withstood the test of time. Let your parents know how much you admire their love and what it has brought to your life.

Ways that you could ‘say it with sincerity’ are:

  i. Tracing a timeline of their relationship

  ii. Writing them a poem or song

  iii. Telling them how much you appreciate them

  iv. Congratulating them on this accomplishment

  v. Including a sentimental quote

Say it with… humour

Perhaps, sincerity is not the way to go with your parents and you want to write an anniversary card that is as funny as the couple receiving it. This light-hearted approach will help to put a smile on your parents’ faces and bring them joy on this special occasion.

Ways that you could ‘say it with humour’ are:

  i. Including an inside joke

  ii. Recalling funny moments

  iii. Mocking your parents’ behaviours and or habits

  iv. Writing them a rude poem or song

  v. Celebrating yourself (as the product of their relationship)

Say it with… pizzazz

An extra flare can go a long way when it comes to anniversary cards. It shows the recipients, your parents, that their anniversary is an achievement to be properly honoured. You could consider a pop-up card, bringing their love off the page and into real life. Or, you could consider a confetti card, taking them back to their wedding day and when they said, ‘I do.’ You could even stray from conventional cards altogether and go with a funny pop-up character card.

However you choose to say it, anniversary cards are a beautiful way of showing your parents that you appreciate them. Ultimately, saying ‘happy anniversary’ to them in a way that is tailor-made to fit their relationship, will make your anniversary card a special memento to commemorate the special couple that they are.