The Future of Gaming Solutions is Here

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Sports gambling has taken on an all-new feel in the last five years and there is on reason for this; the pay per head industry. The pay per head industry has literally taken over as the number one way in which bookmakers provide a service to the gamblers. Better known as a (PPH), the best pay per Head providers have come along at the right place and time for not only sports gamblers, but gamblers!

Folks love to gamble, they gamble on anything and if you offer it, they are there. Often, bookies and gamblers alike are confused as to who is offering casino services-gaming services. Just who is it that offers the online casinos and the gaming services that can be dialed up with the click of a mouse? Where are these sites coming from, how are they created and who is operating them? There is very little difference between the gamer and the bookie and both are interested in visionary gaming services.

What do bookies want?

  • Most bookies are not Sam Rothstein, (fictional character from “Casino”). In fact, many bookies are much more like Lester Diamond! We are not saying that bookies are down and out sleaze balls, what we are saying is that most bookies are normal people. They are not rich, they do not have gold plated toilets in their homes and they do not wear $6,000 suites! Bookies are normal people that are working a job for pay, and they are people that are simply trying to gain a leg-up on the competition.

Bookies – Stop focusing on the competition. Let’s go ahead and say it-we believe in telling the truth. Here is the truth—In any occupation, no matter how it is that you choose to earn an income, there will always be somebody bigger, “badder”, richer, and always someone with more clients than you. This is simply the way it is, the fact-the rules of the game.

*Mike Tyson was the meanest man on the planet, the biggest, and the “baddest” dude that ever put on a pair of gloves. What happened? Buster Douglas! No matter how it’s broken down, no matter how you slice it, there is always someone bigger and “badder”. STOP FOCUSING ON THE COMPETITION!

*Not focusing on the competition may break the rules in most business arenas, however, the gambling arena is an entirely different animal. Your competition should never be the main focus of your business model. Your business model must be built around your clients. Your clients are everything and keeping them away form the competition is what’s important.

Focus On Clients Needs

  • Clients want a few things, but what they want more than anything is reliability.
  • If you are there, every time they click the mouse, clients will never leave you.
  • Gambling clients, whether sports gamblers, casino gamblers, or horse gamblers, they will bet with you if you are up, running, and operational. Gamblers look for reliability, they look for consistency. They not only look for consistency when talking about everyday reliability, they look for consistency in numbers. If you operate a “dime line” don’t suddenly stop the dime line and move the numbers to .25 cents. This kind of inconsistency is what the gambler hates. Stay consistent with your numbers.

The Future of Gaming is Now: Get out of the old and get into the new.

  • If you are not operating your business with an online presence, then you must start doing so as quickly as possible.
  • Having an online presence is not expensive and you can have that great website within a day or so.
  • Find a fantastic pay per head software that offers you a free trial and get started with a new business model immediately.
  • At the end of the day, bookies want one thing; money! This is not a bad thing and if you are in the bookie business for any other reason than to make money, then life is going to end up extremely frustrating. Operating as a bookie is not always easy; the future of any type of gaming is online.
  • We know that bookies want to make money, the question is how do they make that money? They make the money by offering what gamers want. Gamers want consistency, reliability and they want to know they are receiving the best value for their dollar.

You have the opportunity to offer what your clients are looking for through the use of a pay per head service. Make the most of that opportunity by utilizing a free trial offer with a great pay per head provider. Remember: stop worrying about the competition. They will get rich, or they will go broke, that matters not. What matters is your clients and keeping them in the fold. By offering the best in the gaming industry and having clear visionary gaming solutions, you will start seeing your dreams. If you want to make real money as a bookie, then you must have a vision. That vision must include the future of gaming solutions; without a doubt, the future of gaming lies in what a pay per head service offers the bookie.