Ligandrol LGD-4033 SARMs Ligandrol Results, Benefits, Dosage, Side Effects, Before and After


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What is LGD 4033?

Ligandrol lgd-4033 belongs to the class of Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator that encompasses powerful therapeutic and fitness properties. It is a novel substance that, similar to any other SARM was synthesized for a medical intention. Click Here to Buy Ligandrol LGD 4033 Online

According to professionals, the substance can mimic the popular male sex hormone called testosterone. Due to this, it prevents and reverses the damage to the muscles and bones from conditions like muscle-atrophy and osteoporosis.

Despite its promising effects in the field of health, LGD 4033 caught attention in the fitness community for some recreational purposes. Bodybuilders and sportsmen with the craze to get bigger and stronger couldn’t resist its amazing, size and strength-enhancing effects. And so, we know LGD 4033 more of a performance-enhancing drug rather than a medicine for any health-related problem now.

The fitness drug is an invention of Ligand Pharmaceuticals of the United States. The company has been running its operations since 1987 and LGD 4033 is one of its successful creations.

While Ligandrol is successful and very much in demand, it still fits into the group of ‘research chemicals’. These chemicals need extensive investigation to discover their absolute safety that still remains a question by some. Till then, Lgd 4033 lacks authorization from Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) like other SARMs.

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How LGD 4033 works?

Lgd sarm is a great tool for higher physical growth and mental performance. Bodybuilders follow its cycles to endure those grueling workouts whereas athletes for an athletic advantage in-and-out of competitions. Overall, it’s all about reaching fitness heights that often seem impossible at a limiting time or the natural tendencies.

Now the mechanism of Ligandrol completely differentiates it from the mechanism of anabolic steroids. In fact, the one it utilizes to slap on size or power up workouts is comparatively safer.

Essentially, it connects to the androgen receptors (AR) in the tissues of our muscles and bones. Upon connecting, it activates androgens that ultimately intensify the rate and performance of anabolic activities.

Androgens are a type of hormone that helps with sexual health and physical growth in men. They have a considerable role in the development of muscles and strength similar to testosterone.  Thereby, activating the exclusive AR provokes body recomposition, allowing your muscles to grow and cut fat at the same time! Read more Testolone is a great sarm for bulking

What are the benefits of LGD 4033?

Experts believe that Ligandrol is a broad-spectrum substance that favors almost every single goal falling under the category of fitness. Rightly so, it’s a comprehensive tool that mainly works for muscle enlargement while giving an edge in fat loss.

These professionals further claim that the effective compound like LGD 4033 takes progressive overload to another level. This is because it unleashes some crazy energy levels favoring strength and power output essential for performance.

On a whole, the use of LGD is great for recomposition, besides, it is ideal for:

  • Faster and efficient production of muscle mass
  • Hardcore fat burning for leaner frame
  • Herculean strength and endurance
  • Prevention from unnecessary muscle wasting
  • Fortification of bones and extreme athletic heights
  • Broader, leaner form and faster recovery timing
  • Higher vascularity and physical performance
  • Smash through all trainings with hulk-like intensity
  • Push past workout exhaustion and fatigue
  • Remarkable muscle definition for novice and pros

LGD 4033 Before and After:

The manufacturers of LGD 4033 received a patent in 2009. However, the public came to know about the drug through a clinical test issued in 2013. From that point onwards, the craze for Ligandrol to build fat-free mass started to rise.

Of course, anything that supports or speeds up the process of mass production always stays in demand by mass gainers. And so, LGD 4033 was no exception.

Men belonging to different age groups and fitness goals embarked on the cycles and surprisingly, the manufacturers received an overwhelming response from the public.

As per market experts, the majority of users found the effects of Ligandrol way too similar to the anabolics. Its muscle-building, fat cutting, and performance-enhancing tendencies were comparable to a greater level. However, safety with Lgd-4033 was a definite plus, which they can never expect from anabolic steroids.

Now many users claim to start with a dosage as low as 5mg of Ligandrol. According to them, this was a safe bet to initiate their journey. In most cases, people preferred to follow a solo cycle.  However, some claim to stack it with Ostarine and MK-677 (15mg/day) to slap on size faster. Interestingly, some coupled it with Cardarine to alter cell gene expression and turn their body into a fat-burning furnace. Overall, the feedbacks are positive and very much favorable for others to follow. 

LGD 4033 Results:

Lgd 4033 results are strong enough to showcase a larger, leaner physique in a matter of months. It is a tool, a great pick for any cycle including bulking and cutting. And so, people largely rely on the substance for a transformation that occurs more speedily and efficiently.

On an average:

  • It grows 10-15lbs of muscles in 2-3 months period
  • Targets stubborn fats and brings down the fat percentage for scale goals
  • Enhances performance and cut down recovery timings

In addition to bulking and cutting, feedback claims that Ligandrol allows the body to perform beyond its capacity. It can break through those challenging plateaus while ensuring an energetic lease of life to keep workout exhaustion at bay. All in all, it is the push that eases the process to grow bigger and leaner.

What is the dosage of LGD 4033?

Lgd 4033 dosage is easy to follow as the compound comes in one handy capsule varying in power. Now ideally, you should follow the dose that favors the level of your fitness.

For example, people new to the course or the concept of substances can start with the lowest 5-10 mg/ day. This will ensure safety while allowing the body to develop tolerance to it. 

Once the beginners pass the two week period, they can then think of increasing the dosage by up to 10-20mg/day. Men standing at the intermediate stage can kick start their journey with 15mg a day. Gym goers that have been following similar regimens can begin with 20mg based on their acceptance to the drug.

Remember, the limit is 22mg a day and men, under any circumstances should avoid exceeding this constraint.

Since women have body dynamics different from men, their dosage range is understandably different. Considering their ability to tolerate and avoid lgd 4033 side effects , the dosage set by the experts is 5-10mg/day.

Thankfully, Ligandrol does not hamper the natural production of testosterone or any other hormone. Therefore, you can easily skip the need to follow Post-cycle therapy unlike anabolic steroids.

Pros and Cons of LGD 4033:

The pros of LGD 4033 are:

  • Helps with lean muscle production
  • Build up strength and jacked energy
  • Helps with muscle sculpting
  • Improves bone quality and reverse weakness
  • Mild in nature and is comparatively safer
  • It does not demand PCT in most cases

The cons of LGD 4033 are:

  • Overdosing leads to side effects
  • More research is needed to validate its absolute safety

Where to buy lgd-4033?

Unfortunately, most SARMs present on the European market have almost nothing in common with their name. Most of the recently tested products contained only a negligible amount of the notified substance. Additionally, adding prohormones and steroids is common practice among manufacturers. This is why you should only buy SARMs from reliable suppliers – they should preferably have a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) issued by an external laboratory for each batch sold.


Lgd 4033 has the potential to turn you into a mass monster while keeping you from the harmful side effects of anabolic steroids. The drug is the best-selling benefactor for bodybuilders that does not overwhelms their body like other substances for results. Apart from the convincing public response, experts too, vouch for Ligandrol against artificial hormones.

Frequently Asked Questions

When to take Ligandrol?

It is best to take LGD 4033 in the morning before the first meal.

When will I see the first results?

The first results are visible after only a few days of using LGD-4033. These are mainly mood enhancement and increased libido. The greatest changes are seen at the 2nd or 3rd week of use, when there is a dramatic increase in strength and mass.

What results can I expect from the first cycle of LGD-4033?

The effects depend on many factors – diet, training quality, amount and length of the product used and whether it was used alone or in combination with other SARMs.

However, if you are far from your natural maximum, you can expect an increase of 3-5 kg ​​in lean weight in 6-8 weeks after using 10 mg per day.

Does Ligandrol cause acne?

In most cases, LGD has no effect on acne.

Does Ligandrol cause hair loss?

There is no evidence that Ligandrol has any effect on hair loss.