Scope unveils new Lamplight series performance

Musicians Quinn Kamberos, Joshua Mullen, and Brennan Plummer will perform at Get Fresh Cafe on Nov. 19 for another Lamplight event from Scope productions.


Katie Goodale

Get Fresh Cafe is seen on July 7, 2019. Get Fresh will serve smoothies and more.

Pedro Barragan, Arts Reporter

After a long absence, Scope Productions will present another Lamplight performance on Nov. 19 at the Get Fresh Cafe with a lineup of three University of Iowa students: Quinn Kamberos, Joshua Mullens, and Brennan Plummer.

Kamberos, a UI freshman majoring in creative writing and minoring in cinema, showed high enthusiasm for the opportunity to perform both guitar and vocals, along with a little ukulele.

 “I’m really excited to play these songs, since I’ve been playing these songs in my room for like six months,” said Kamberos. “I’ve played guitar for four years, at least. So, I’m really excited to demonstrate that to a bigger audience than my bed.”

For Mullen, this will be somewhat of a sample for how his audience will receive his work. A business analytics major, Mullen said he is eager to find a new passion in both guitar and vocals with the possibility of presenting a song of his own as well.

 “I perform guitar just because it’s myself right now. This is very new to me. I’ve only been playing live for about a month,” said Mullen. “I’m preparing the best I can, and we’ll see how it goes.”

 Plummer, a UI piano performance major, found the cafe venue the perfect place for him to showcase his guitar skills and vocals.

 “It’s super exciting. A cafe is a great place, it’s super low key,” Plummer said. “People want to have a great show and if something terrible goes wrong, like let’s say at Gabe’s or a bigger venue, it isn’t as high-stressed.”

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Each of the musicians will be performing from a wide array of genres and time-periods. Kamberos’ chosen songs will dwell from the 2000s to the late 2010s. While some will be familiar tunes, others Kamberos said may be lesser-known.

“The majority of it is early 2000s, like pop-punk and emo music. It’s like Panic! at the Disco and Paramore. I’ve got a couple songs that are older and underground,” said Kamberos.

Mullens’ music will lie in the 2010s with established names that have reached a huge audience.

“I’m playing a Rihanna song and one original if I have it finished. It’s 30 minutes, so depending on how much I can fit in. And there’s an Ed Sheeran song, because everyone likes him,” said Mullens.

Plummer spoke about mostly admiring classical music, but for Lamplight, he will reveal his love for feel-good pop of the 2000s, as well as bossa nova.

“I’m playing bossa nova tunes, Jason Mraz, some John Mayer and Jack Johnson. So basically, people who are known for guitar,” Plummer said. 

 Kamberos said he encourages everyone to stop by the Get Fresh Cafe to see these up and coming performers, even if they believe it to be far from their demographic.

“There’s going to be some really good music and interesting performances,” said Kamberos. “I think it’s going to be an interesting vibe for that whole night.”