The Daily Iowan

What are the goals?

To use the DI as a platform to foster civil discourse in the community, advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion by promoting understanding and acceptance of all community members regardless of identity or background.


• To better represent diverse communities in both the DI’s coverage as well as the DI newsroom.


• To engage DI readers and offer them opportunities to provide feedback on coverage, collaborate on projects, and participate in events.


• To broaden the DI’s reach and impact beyond the University of Iowa and campus to the greater Iowa City community.


Inclusion & Engagement Projects:

• We expect story and project ideas to come from this initiative, especially nontraditional or outside-the-box collaboration projects.


• Projects that involve communities that are underrepresented will be the primary focus. Some of these projects will allow readers to tell their own stories — or to nominate individuals/groups with stories that should be highlighted — through submission-based content.

Mission statement:

It’s on all of us to commit to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion. At The Daily Iowan, we want to build stronger relationships and maintain a presence in the community to produce authentic journalism that better represents all community members.


Our goals are to shed light on the injustices faced in this area, to bring new voices into our newsroom, and to share the tales of our community’s triumphs with our audience. By committing to the Inclusion & Engagement Initiative, we hope to open dialogue to promote understanding and acceptance of those living, learning, and working here — regardless of identity.


Who’s involved?

Internal and external groups are charged with advising DI editors on improving coverage of underrepresented communities and with increasing community engagement.


Learn more about the internal board


Learn more about the external advisory council