The Daily Iowan

The DI Inclusion & Engagement External Advisory Council

An external advisory council consisting of UI students will be charged with providing feedback on community outreach and engagement, news coverage analysis, and leads on story ideas.

  • Members represent a diversity of race, ethnicity, creed, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, pregnancy, disability, genetic information, status as a U.S. veteran, service in the U.S. military, sexual orientation, gender identity, associational preferences, major(s), involvement in student organizations, and political affiliations.
  • The Editor and Managing Editor(s) will always sit on the board. 

To join the board: Individuals must apply by submitting a statement explaining why they want to be on the advisory council, describe ideas they have to help the DI build/maintain stronger relationships with communities that have been underrepresented in coverage and on staff, and provide actionable feedback for how the DI could better represent these communities. Statements should not exceed 1 page in length.

  • Email your statement to Executive Editor Sarah Watson at [email protected] to apply. Please reach out to Sarah with questions!

The advisory council will meet monthly to give constructive feedback on news coverage pertaining to underrepresented communities, and to provide information on challenges/success stories they’re seeing in their communities.

  • Advisory council members’ feedback may be taken into consideration in editorial decision-making processes, but members ultimately do not have decision-making authority. Feedback is intended to empower DI editors and the internal board to make editorial decisions that involve community input.

Advisory council members are responsible for:

  • Helping the DI expand its reach and relationships with UI student organizations, UI departments and offices, and the Iowa City community.
  • Promoting community participation in DI events, such as forums, seminars, panel discussions, and listening posts.
  • Identifying opportunities to help the DI bring new staff members from different backgrounds, experiences, and identities into the DI newsroom or to simply build relationships with people who may not currently be engaged with the DI.