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Get to know Iowa women’s soccer’s Kenzie Roling

Sports reporter Isaac Elzinga talked with the junior forward about her heroes on and off the pitch, music taste, and more.
Emily Nyberg
Iowa forward Kenzie Roling runs toward the ball during a soccer game between Iowa and Illinois at the University of Iowa Soccer Complex in Iowa City on Sunday, Sept. 17, 2023. Sunday’s game marked Iowa’s Big Ten home opener. The Hawkeyes and the Fighting Illini tied, 1-1.

The Daily Iowan: What’s your major?

Kenzie Roling: I’m an enterprise leadership major with a minor in nutrition.

DI: What has been your favorite class so far?

Roling: Iowa has some fun classes like yoga and stress management. I didn’t think I would like my stress management class, but it was my favorite part of my day.

DI: Who were your heroes growing up? One soccer and one non-soccer.

Roling: I’m the typical soccer player, I idolized Alex Morgan. She was my favorite player growing up. I loved her story of getting cut from a couple of teams and being able to bounce back. Outside of soccer, honestly, this is so cheesy, but I would say my parents.  I mean, they’ve worked so hard to put me where I am today.

DI: Messi or Ronaldo, who’s better?

Roling: Oh, that’s tricky. I always get asked this question and it switches every time. I normally say Ronaldo, but I think right now I would go with Messi.

DI: What’s a guilty pleasure of yours? It could be a TV show or music.

Roling: I would say my guilty pleasure song is “Ready Or Not.” It’s super girly, super cheesy. I actually listen to it before games. My friends make fun of me because they know I listen to girly music before games. I’m listening to Beyonce, “Ready Or Not” and “Girls Run the World.” Not many get to see that playlist, but “Ready Or Not” is on there.

DI: What are some of your hobbies outside of soccer?

Roling: I really enjoy reading. I love being social and hanging out with my friends, and I’m also an outdoorsy person so I like hikes and walks. I love being out on the water.

DI: What’s your favorite book you’ve read?

Roling: Anything by Colleen Hoover. All the girls are reading that right now. I like a lot of self-help books. My favorite is “The Energy Bus.”  It’s always a good reminder. I kind of circle back to that one a lot.

DI: Favorite movie growing up?

Roling: I really liked “Finding Nemo” growing up. I always watched it in the car.

DI: What TV show are you currently watching?

Roling: I really like the TV show “Suits.” I’ve been watching that constantly lately.

DI: If someone were to play you in a movie, who would you pick?

Roling: Oh boy. That’s a tricky one. My friends will laugh at this, but like the whole “Gossip Girl” cast. I share little personality traits with all of them. Not the mean girls. Just like the lifestyle. I’m very much a princess.

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