Best Features to look for HRMS software in 2022

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Human resources (HR) is a broad term that encompasses a wide range of responsibilities, from hiring and onboarding new employees to assessing, motivating, and developing current employees. Human resource management systems (HRMS) like Paylocity make it easier to stay on top of your various duties while also fostering a more positive work environment. Human resource management software can improve service quality, organisational effectiveness, efficiency, and performance. This article will explain some of the features of HRMS software and how they can assist your organisation in helping you pick the right HRMS solution for your needs.

User Interface and Intuitiveness:

Make sure the user interface of any HRMS software you are considering in 2022 is very user-friendly. The programme must also be extremely intuitive and not require much training to understand how to use it. A good example is Paylocity. With features like a facial recognition attendance system, it offers a very user-friendly interface and enables users to understand it well even without prior knowledge.

It is only counterproductive to find the software difficult to use as an employee or HR manager in the first place since the software is meant to make HR operations more straightforward and faster. It is preferable to have software that is straightforward and well-known than to have software that appears “cool” and sophisticated. The interface’s simplicity and familiarity contribute to intuitiveness since, without them, you would need the training to figure out how to use the software.

Additionally, if it resembles something you are familiar with, you will have no trouble navigating it.


It is one of the most critical responsibilities of HR managers and executives. However, this process necessitates a great deal of human labour and consumes a significant amount of time. Some of the most successful firms have implemented an innovative hr management solution with an automatic recruitment capability. This functionality will benefit from fast job postings and weeding out candidates for the following round.

There will be no human error, wasted time, and manual candidate shortlisting. Your company can quickly fill vacancies with top talent if you use a solution like this to speed up the hiring process. Everything will be done meticulously and without error, from keeping data safely to sorting applicants. A human error can impact your hiring decisions if you rely solely on manual labour to complete them.

Payroll Management:

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to taxes, benefit plans, payments, and calculations, and no one person can manage it all. Accurate financial records of employees’ salaries, bonuses, benefits and deductions can be made easier with this function. Payroll software can help employers save time and money by streamlining the payroll process.

  • Integrated Payroll.
  • One-click final settlement.
  • Statutory Receipts.
  • Manage Income Tax.
  • Flexible Benefit Plan.
  • Employee self-service portal.
  • Forms and reports.

Reporting of Accurate Data:

All decisions and plans in this new century will be based on data, and the stakes will only rise in 2022. An HRMS programme that empowers employees to work hours and gather more data is good. It needs to display this data to make strategic projections and judgments concerning personnel management. Having the ability to display the vast amount of data in a way that makes sense is critical. This visual interpretation would require simple diagrams and charts as a visual representation.

It is possible to form inferences and projections simply by reading the report. Employer perks and compensation, for example, make greater sense when shown graphically. There must be a way for any HRMS software of your choosing to automatically update personnel data or financial information if you don’t want to waste your time doing so.

Employee self-service (ESS) portal:

A portal for employee self-service (ESS) is a vital feature in a software system. If you want to keep your HRs busy, don’t put them in charge of jobs that any employee can do without error on their own. Employee self-service portals are standard in major hr management software solutions. Using an ESS portal, they can quickly provide attendance, access payroll information, apply for leaves, view future organisational holidays, read tips and news from the company, track their performance hours, and so on.

If you’re looking for the best HRMS software in India, you should only consider alternatives that provide a comprehensive Employee Self-Service (ESS). Paylocity, for example, has several advantages. Employee data is backed up in real-time and protected with the utmost care.


HRMS software streamlines HR operations to maintain effectiveness, but features like multiple workspaces are key. When making a choice, consider these features. It is believed that an HRMS software solution will make life easier for your HR team and your company. Knowing this should make it easier to locate the software you’re looking for. If activity continues to be tedious and time-consuming, functionality is likely missing. Software should streamline procedures. 2022 HRMS software should measure work hours, leaves, and absence periods to track employee engagement.