Why Low-cost Airline Tickets Are Cheap?

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The low-cost airline offers air tickets at incredibly low prices, but, at the same time, they provide minimal service. Many people do not believe that flying is so cheap! Another thing is that many passengers are distrustful of low-cost airlines. It is hard for them to understand why flights to New York – Punta Cana are so cheap.

The low price of tickets is achieved due to some innovations in the management of the airline, which allows for reducing the cost of the flight as much as possible.

What to pay attention to

You can buy such tickets and enjoy the flight, but be prepared to:

  • Buy a ticket immediately. In low-cost airlines, booking tickets and refunds for a ticket are not practiced. The only exception is a flight cancellation due to the fault of the airline. In this case, the ticket price will be fully refunded.
  • Pay for baggage that is checked in the baggage compartment of the aircraft. The lowest fare is if you buy a piece of baggage online on the website of a low-cost airline in advance.
  • Pay for check-in at the airport. Passengers do not pay for it in case of self-registration on the website of the airline.
  • Pay for food on board. For example, a tea bag on board an airplane will cost an average of 2 euros.
  • Take seats when boarding. The tickets do not indicate a specific seat, and passengers in the cabin take empty seats. When a passenger wants to borrow a certain one, they will have to pay separately.
  • Arrive at a secondary airport. Budget airlines or low-cost airlines also save on airport taxes, so they often use the services of non-main airports.
  • The abundance of advertising on board. Another interesting detail is that there are always many advertisements on board such as low-cost airlines.
  • Changing the name on the ticket can cost as much as the ticket itself.
  • Transportation of sports equipment is very expensive.

These are the main reasons why low-cost flights are so cheap.