Iowa City Flea Market features Iowa City artists and sellers

A flea market hosted by Iowa City creatives and sellers will be taking place each Sunday in October. The market is held from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and features several artists, sellers, live musicians, and food and drink from local cafes.


Matt Sindt

An attendee rummages through clothes at a flea market at Public Space One Close House Oct.16, 2022.

Kufre Ituk, News Reporter

In the parking lot of Public Space One’s Close House, an Iowa City artist collective, Johnson County residents can find a new way of shopping at the first Iowa City Flea Market held every Sunday in October.

The Iowa City Flea Market launched on Oct. 9 and is at Public Space One’s Close House located at 538 S. Gilbert Street. The market runs from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. 

The market features live music from Iowa City artists, food from Eat Nomadic Foods, coffee and other handcrafted drinks from Tru Coffee, and products from artists. 

Meg Lowe, Iowa City boutique White Rabbit general manager, said she started the market with her friends.

“I do pop-ups and flea markets all the time,” Lowe said. “I organized it because we wanted an outlet to sell.”

The line-up for vendors changes weekly, with the Oct. 9 market featuring several local independent boutiques, including artist Hope Pavano’s Sugar Spice & Cyanide.

“I mostly do floral resin stuff like suncatchers and polymer earrings,” Pavano said.

Pavano said most of the plans for the market were fully put into motion through Instagram and online campaigning. 

“I’ve been using Etsy for a couple of years, but this is my first in-person thing, so that’s really cool,” Pavano said. 

Other sellers, such as Stanzy Art by Stanzy Scheetz, sell stickers and other products were present at the market. Sheetz said her art style is unique.

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“I kind of go with creepy cute, I guess,” Sheetz said. “I mainly operate online, so this is my first time operating off the internet, and it’s really exciting.”

Iowa City resident Anthony Soberanis said he heard about the flea market through friends and social media.

“I think it’s great. We need more open-air stuff to keep the community together,” Soberanis said.

Another Iowa City resident Charles Cacciatore said he also heard about the Iowa City Flea Market through social media.

 “I want to see more knickknacks,” Cacciatore joked. “It’s a good time. I’m really glad.”

Owner of the shop Gnarl Scout Sarah Dirks said the flea market allows artists and creators to get opportunities to sell their products to their fellow community members.

“I’ve been doing this now for four years which is kind of crazy. My art prints are mainly handmade collages, and then I also make handmade sewing. It’s kind of my main thing right now,” Dirks said. “Support local, support artists. Anything that is purchased from us pays our rent and buys our dog food, so it’s really great to see such a good turnout.”