Best NFT Wallets 2022: Top 3 Crypto Wallets for Gaming


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When non-fungible tokens (NFTs) were first introduced, there was so much confusion. Many people first thought it was a scam thus the reason NFTs took more time to become popular. Nevertheless, right now we have NFT games too in addition to NFT as digital and real-life artwork. 

Rather than focusing so much on the conventional games in the market, you may also want to consider NFT games too. Like other ways of trading NFTs, the NFT wallets are important for games too. We look at the best NFT game wallets to help you see which would be the right wallet to get for yourself. 

Editor’s Choice

Oxalus Wallet

  • Access a wide range of NFT games
  • Easy to trade with other players
  • Setup process is simple 

Best Crypto Wallets 2022: Features & Security Compared

1. Oxalus Wallet – Editor’s Choice


  • Good for storing game NFTs
  • Easy to set up the NFT game wallet
  • Built-in support tools for NFT games
  • Impressive marketplace variety


  • Some players want more tokens supported

Download the Oxalus mobile app here

Among the many NFT game wallets is Oxalus. It has gained a lot of traction for a while now with some regarding it as a top-tier NFT game wallet. 

Oxalus is the first NFT game wallet that always insists on the best security. Oxalus wallet is audited by Verichains, so all your NFT assets and cryptocurrencies are assured of the best safety always. Besides, the wallet offers completely free features to help users optimize their gaming experience, which makes it a great choice for NFT game lovers. 

Another point that will make you love Oxalus wallet is the friendly and easy-to-use interface, even if you are a newcomer and do not have much knowledge about NFT. The Oxalus team has simplified the steps, making it extremely convenient for you to send, receive or transfer your NFTs. This wallet is truly a home for your NFTs, where you can explore the entire NFT game space in the palm of your hand. Other than gaming, you can also use the same NFT wallet to store and transfer your game NFTs. 

Besides, their ecosystem featured a series of NFT games and also provide a gaming tracker tool support for various users.

Oxalus Games: There are many games integrated exclusively on the Oxalus wallet. This direct link to the Marketplace allows you to choose the games you would like to invest in and play. You will also be playing with many other players making the games a worthy investment. 

Oxalus Tracker: With the Oxalus tracker you can track the performance metrics with ease. This feature also allows you to manage several multi-game accounts. With all this information, you can optimize your ROI better. 

2. Metamask – Best for Browser Access


  • Works for desktops and mobile devices
  • Great customer care
  • A highly secure wallet 


  • Mobile app is too slow sometimes

If you need wallets for gaming NFTs, you cannot go wrong with Metamask too. Being web-based makes it so easy to use. Other reasons for picking it include;

A secure wallet: Anyone looking for an NFT game wallet wants to be assured of security. That is what Metamask does for you. As much as it is web-based it still features the best security you will ever need to protect your NFTs. It is still available as an Android or iOS app.

Multichain support: Being able to support several cryptocurrencies makes it quite popular among those who want to try out NFT gaming. It is possible that different games would have different tokens, but the good thing is that they may be supported. 

Great support team: Even if you like swapping your Ethereum with other coins, you also need a good support team to help in case of an issue. That is what you can get with this wallet. You can get all the information you need before trusting it. 

3. Coinbase – Best for Security


  • Easy to manage your portfolio
  • Good for recurring buys
  • Great security for game NFTs 


  • Can only hold Ethereum NFT tokens only

Coinbase is one of the oldest NFT wallets in the market. With such experience, comes great things as we shall see below. 

Easy to manage assets: Anyone who wants to buy and sell NFTs would have an easy time managing everything from this wallet. The game wallet allows for tracking different currencies from one place. Even those recurring buys should not be an issue. 

Excellent protection: Not many people have complained about the security of Coinbase. With such a solid reputation, anyone who needs to trade NFT games would be comfortable using it. Coinbase also claims to store most of the digital assets in secure offline storage wallets. 

Protected by insurance: You will love that Coinbase has crypto-insurance in place. All the deposits are covered by the FDIC insurance and go up to a maximum of $250,000. That is quite an assurance for people looking to use the Coinbase wallet. 

What Is NFT Wallet?

An NFT wallet is simply a cryptocurrency wallet that can support the NFT protocols. The result is that now you use such a wallet to buy and swap NFTs on different marketplaces. Many find such wallets great for buying, selling, and managing NFTs. 

The NFT wallet will also be the one handling the technical aspects of blockchain and buying or selling of NFT. You will be presented with a simple interface for interacting with the wallet and that is it. With increased NFT wallet security, anyone can use it knowing it will be a safe product. 

Someone might ask, what is an NFT wallet for gaming? Now that you know what an NFT is all about, one of its applications is to game online with other players using NFT. The NFT game wallet allows you to purchase various NFT components of a game for you to play and still store them safely if the wallet allows. 

Beginner’s Guide to Best NFT Game Wallet App

Whenever you are seeking the best NFT game wallet, you will come across options such as the ones mentioned and reviewed above. However, which one would you pick for yourself? Here are considerations a beginner should keep in mind when choosing the best NFT game wallet app. 

NFT Game Marketplace Compatibility 

When you want to play NFT games, there is a need for considering an NFT wallet that makes it possible to access different marketplaces with ease. A good example is Oxalus Marketplace where you can find different NFT games. 

Just ensure the NFT wallet is supported by different marketplaces to reach a wide range of NFT games you want to play. 

Overall Wallet Security 

Security would also be quite crucial for the NFT wallet. Different wallets such as Oxalus, Metamask, and others each would have a unique way of protecting the NFTs stored in them for security. 

It is common that now you may come across features such as two-factor authentication. That is an important security layer key for keeping hackers away from your NFTs. 

Multichain Support 

Ethereum might be the most popular block that NFTs use. However, the wallet that you use should support other blockchains so that you have an easy time buying and selling the NFTs depending on the need. Oxalus is one of such NFT wallets that supports many chains making it convenient to transact with it. 

User Interface

The NFT game wallet should generally be easy to use. The last thing you need is an app that makes it hard to log in, access accounts, buy and sell NFTs, and has broken links. 

So, look at the user interface first and decide which will be great for you to enjoy using more often. Having an intuitive user interface should generally make more people consider such an NFT game wallet. 

Customer Support 

You may experience a few problems with the app or accessing your account. When it comes to this point, good customer support is important. You would now get the right help and regain access to your account. 

Look for a wallet that has a phone number, email, or live chat for reaching out to customer support. 


The right NFT wallet can be any from the list mentioned above. In case you are still stuck, we recommend you try Oxalus wallet to see how good it can be for your NFT gaming experience. With its several sections on games, marketplace, tracker, and others, you should get all the information you need from one place. 

Do not let the idea of NFT gaming being new scare you. Once you have your best NFT gaming wallet, go for it. You may be surprised by just how good NFT games are for you.