Photos: 4.48 Psychosis (11/06/2019)

Jenna Galligan, Photojournalist

Directed by Eric Marlin, the cast of 4.48 Psychosis illustrates themes such as depression, anger, coping mechanisms, and identity. Marlin, a long-time admirer of Kane’s work and a playwright himself, expresses that the play is often “grossly marketed as a suicide note in the form of a play,” which he says is an inaccurate and unethical approach to the play. Marlin made an effort to create a safe space where people could share their thoughts and feelings throughout the process, but simultaneously “everyone had the right to walk in and never once talk about how this play relates to their life.” The show will be performed on Nov. 8, 9, 15, and 16 at the Dreamwell Theater, and each performance will be followed by talkbacks with mental health professionals in order to deal with the subject matter “productively and with great empathy.”

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