Hawkeyes respond to recent hurricanes, climate change



Lung Hui Chen pushes Manuel Terrazas in a wheelbarrow across flooded streets as local residents clear out damaged homes in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, in the Millwood subdivision of Fort Bend County, Texas, on Saturday, Sept. 2, 2017. (Marcus Yam/Los Angeles Times/TNS)

Scott Pruitt, the administrator of the EPA, recently said it is ‘insensitive’ to talk about climate change following the ongoing surge of hurricanes. The DI asked random people on campus if they agree or disagree with Pruitt. 

Arie Danzee, UI sophomore

“I probably disagree. If climate change is causing hurricanes, I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to have a conversation about it. If there’s a causality there, it’s harming people’s lives. Obviously, you want to look into it. And you want to be sensitive to the people who have been affected, but it’s also sensitive to talk about it and hopefully effect change.”

Katelynn Davis, UI graduate

“I would disagree because I mean, I feel like, climate change, like that conversation needs to be had, especially because all these natural disasters are happening at one time. You know? So I feel like now would be the best time because it’s relevant in this present moment.”

Alexis Headman, UI junior

“Disagree. I think there’s climate change, obviously, that’s why there’s a bajillion hurricanes happening. I don’t know, that’s what I think. I mean, I think it’s obvious that there’s climate change, but I know a lot of people don’t believe it. But science backs it up that there’s climate change and that it’s happening, and we have to figure out a way to fix it.”

Kirsten Ittner, UI freshman

“I don’t necessarily think it’s insensitive, I think climate change is important to talk about, and it’s obviously very hurtful with all these hurricanes happening. So I think it’s a subject that actually we need to be talking about and need to be taking more seriously than we are right now, and there need to be more political steps to protect our climate and prevent future natural disasters.”

Eddie Rodriguez, UI junior

“Disagree, because it’s an actual issue, you know; like, if we don’t do anything about it, stuff’s going to get worse. So it doesn’t make sense to not talk about it.”

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