Gallery Walk strolls through central Iowa City


Levi Wright

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On the evening of March 3, downtown Iowa City buzzed with life as bundled-up residents traversed the area through the cold night air.

People from all walks of life came out to be a part of the Iowa City Gallery Walk. Each exhibit showcased a different medium and emotion, giving the pieces lives of their own.

At US Bank, Deanne Wortman’s Entropy/Integrity was on display, showcasing framed decaying leaves that gave a sense of how delicate and organic art can be. The organic quality of Wortman’s work existed in stark contrast with the bank’s corporate feel.

While looking at the different nature pieces, employees of US Bank talked with people, giving the space a more human feel. Throughout the Downtown District, the Gallery Walk was more than a showcase of art, it was a showcase of the people who make and consume it.  

After leaving the toasty galleries, people ventured into the crisp night air. Street lights came to life, turning Iowa City into its own work of art. Walking down the sidewalk, one noticed the restaurants were alive with a variety of scents, mirroring the diversity of Iowa City.

The hallmark of many galleries is the “don’t touch” sign; however, Aaron Moseley’s work, displayed at Glassando, sent a different message. He encouraged passersby to feel the surface of his art.

This tactile aspect gave a whole new dimension to his sculptures. His display showed off a range of art, with his surfaces ranging from sleek and glossy to beveled and rigid.

Artist Gordon Kellenberger showed off his ability to capture the vast Iowa landscapes through a live demonstrations with pastels. His work, filled with vibrant sunsets and sunrises looming over Iowa fields, would make anyone want to see its real-life counterpart.

The Englert Theater showcased photography filled with the passion of past performances. They weren’t just performances, though, as they also displayed an intense devotion to craft, encapsulating the exact moment in which the artists gives themselves over to their art.   

The walk gave like-minded people a chance to get out and rub shoulders with one another. Each exhibition acted as a kind of beacon, attracting strangers from across the city to its borders.

Walking down the sidewalk, it was interesting to see people, each wandering her or his path, take to the streets of Iowa City for an evening of cultural appreciation.

Families were in the Gallery Walk, whether it was for the Annual Kids’ Art Exhibit at MidWestOne Bank or just to see some of the 12 galleries.

Couples were in attendance as well, using it as a reason for a fun night out.

“I’m always interested in what’s going on in Iowa City; I know a lot of the artists personally, and I enjoy seeing their work,” said Rob Stranpe, one of the people in attendance.


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