Drink of the week: Devil’s Apple


Whoever started mixing liquor and cider is a genius. The Devil’s Apple from the Clinton Street Social Club mixes the sweetness of Iowa’s Sutliff Cider and the warmth of bourbon to create a drink that will keep you yearning for more.

EXPERIENCE: First off, if you haven’t had Sutliff Cider, it is a pretty sweet and light cider. So when you add bourbon, you expect it be bogged down by the liquor. That is not the case at all. Fresh lemon and maple keep the drink sweet and light. Don’t get me wrong, there is an obvious kick. A splash of cayenne will reinforce it.

ADVICE: You are going to want to slurp this drink down. One warning: Don’t. This drink is powerful, despite its pseudo-lightness. The bourbon catches up with you quickly.

— By Rebecca Morin

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