Baller: Kim Kardashian plans to become a lawyer without attending law school

Kim Kardashian announced her plans of becoming a lawyer in April by completing a four- year apprenticeship with a San Francisco law firm. Her fame plays a big role in completing this journey.



Kanye West and Kim Kardashian arrive at Balmain Fashion Show during Paris Fashion Week on March 5, 2015 in Paris, France.

Kasey Baller , Opinions Columnist

Fame strikes again by playing into the role of education. The college scandal from celebrities that had everyone talking is now taking another turn. Kim Kardashian recently announced her plan to become a lawyer in the state of California. Although she did not fake being a student-athlete, she gets to take a different course for law school than most, perhaps a more convenient one.

Kardashian will take four years to study under the supervision of an attorney in San Francisco to earn her degree. Not everyone can be so privileged as to make millions while not physically going into a law school five days a week and finding an attorney willing to do this with them.

California is one of the four states that allow individuals other options to take the bar exam other than physically attending law school. Normally, law school is three years and requires internships during the summers and roughly three months of studying for the bar exam afterward.

Attending law school isn’t the only way to become a lawyer. There are four options that individuals can do as an alternative to law school. They are four years of study at a state bar-registered, fixed-facility law school, four years of study with a minimum of 864 hours of preparation at a registered unaccredited distance-learning or correspondence law school, four years of study under the supervision of a state judge or attorney, or a combination of these four programs.

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As a pre-law student myself, currently working on a bachelor’s degree and studying for the Law School Admission Test to then move on to three years of law school and accumulating debt to obtain a law degree, this alternative option seems to be a privilege not available to all. Not to mention the expenses involved with applying to law schools and the expenses involved to even sit for the LSAT. Not everyone can make millions while having the freedom of studying on the weekends. Not everyone can even find an attorney willing to do this program with them.

Kim Kardashian’s father, Robert Kardashian, was one of O.J. Simpson’s defense attorneys during Simpon’s 1995 homicide trial — which goes without saying, is important to Kim Kardashian’s journey. This alternative journey is not easy for anyone doing it, but it is more convenient and something that those who are known can gain more attention and afford the necessary resources.

Gaining attention for Kardashian was not hard to do — she received the attention of President Trump in June 2018 to gain the release of Alice Marie Johnson from prison, who was incarcerated on a drug conviction. Not just any law student, or student in general, could reach out to the president and ask for a second chance for someone who had been convicted. Kardashian was able to do this even without a law degree, which amplifies the fact that her fame, regardless of what some may say, does help to get her ahead in the legal field.

Not to mention, Kardashian has been able to release 17 people from prison in the last 90 days even without being an official attorney. She is a part of the 90 Days of Freedom Campaign, which is due to President Trump signing the First Step Act. The act allows certain people imprisoned on federal drug offenses to have potential sentence reductions, especially those serving life terms. This is a great thing that was done for those who had potentially unfair sentences, but not everyone could gather the president’s eye like this.

At the end of the day, something as important as obtaining a law degree should hold everyone to the same standards of education regardless of someone’s money or fame.

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