The Daily Iowan

Dance Marathon still hard at it


February 23, 2009

With only 347 days until Dance Marathon’s Big Dance returns to the UI campus, there is little time for organizers to be idle. “Dance Marathon is a 12-month program. The activities don’t stop after the February event,”...

UI celebrates diversity at culture festival


February 23, 2009

Sequins and scarves — in bright blues, greens, oranges, and yellows — and golden jewelry adorned the children and young adults as the bells on their ankles complimented the traditional and Indian pop music they danced to. The...

Know your campus: The Pentacrest


February 23, 2009

Other parts of campus are probably jealous. Everyone is always talking about the Pentacrest — where this building is in relation to that building and where your introduction to American politics meets. Meaning “five on a...

Defense wants lesser charge in sexual-abuse trial


February 20, 2009

Defense attorneys said Thursday prosecutors lack sufficient evidence to convict Micah Matthews of first-degree kidnapping and first-degree sexual abuse, arguing for two lesser charges. In a closing argument, Iowa City attorney...

UI takes possession of athletics club


February 20, 2009

Despite budget cuts across the UI, the campus continues to expand. In mid-December, the UI Facilities Corp. took ownership of the University Athletics Club, a privately owned facility at 1360 Melrose Ave., near Finkbine Golf...

Engineering lab is up in the air, but down-to-earth


February 20, 2009

Inside an airport hangar in Iowa City, virtuality meets reality as students, researchers, and pilots experience firsthand new technological advances in air travel. Operating at the Iowa City Municipal Airport, 1801 S. Riverside...

State lawmakers review ‘cocaine equality’


February 20, 2009

A proposal in the Iowa Legislature would equalize the penalties for powder and crack cocaine, but opponents worry it will do little more than increase prison populations. Under current law, sentences for crack cocaine are more...

Faces of the UI: He can’t go home again


February 20, 2009

Talib Nawfel Talib is scared to death of going back home. Talib, who has lived in the United States for four years, is from Baghdad. Since U.S. troops were deployed to his home country, members of two major Muslim religions —...

City seeks industrial park for construction of wind-energy parts


February 20, 2009

Iowa City could become, perhaps soon, the home of the nation’s first wind-energy campus after the construction of an industrial park situated at a transportation hub. Officials hope the industrial area will allow international...

Some at UI want stimulus money for wind-energy development


February 20, 2009

With the federal economic-stimulus plan allocating more than $40 billion for energy projects, some at the UI are waiting to see how much funding wind energy will receive. Following the trend of investing in sustainable forms...

Electric cars creating quite a buzz locally


February 20, 2009

There is a new, tiny, super-economic car loose on the streets of Iowa City. It’s the Zenn, designed by Zenn Motor Co., and it belongs to Liz Christiansen, the director of the UI Office of Sustainability. The Zenn can drive...

The economic crisis, made easy


February 20, 2009

A UI law symposium today aims to help students understand the economic crisis. “We are going to make our best effort to lay out the economic crisis so everyone can understand,” UI law Professor Enrique Carrasco said. This...