On The Line – Week 13

The Daily Iowan football staff goes head-to-head in the most competitive prediction contest journalism has to offer.


Nick Rohlman

Iowa players take the field before Iowa’s game against Illinois at Memorial Stadium in Champaign, Illinois, on Saturday, Nov. 17, 2018. The Hawkeyes defeated the Fighting Illini 63-0.

Nebraska at Iowa

Adam Hensley (Pregame Editor, 32-23): Iowa – Jalen Foster said he can’t wait to beat Iowa. File that under “things that won’t happen.”

Pete Ruden (Sports Editor, 35-20): Iowa – Lol are there people who are actually picking Nebraska?

Anna Kayser (Assistant Sports Editor, 36-19): Iowa – Nebraska beating Iowa this year would be like a National Championship for its fans.

Jordan Zuniga (football reporter, 37-18): Iowa – If Iowa can’t win the West, the least it could do is beat Nebraska.

Lucy Rohden (Co-DITV Sports Director, 37-18): Iowa – Forecast doesn’t call for any Frost.

Beau Bowman (Co-DITV Sports Director, 41-14): Iowa – Nebraska: running the read option on AND off the field since 1869.

Jason Brummond (Publisher, 38-17): Iowa – Remember when Nebraska started 0-6? That was awesome.

Oklahoma at West Virginia

Hensley: Oklahoma – Kyler Murray is a cheat code.

Ruden: Oklahoma – Last week, this would’ve been a game between No. 6 and No. 9. Nice.

Kayser: Oklahoma – OK? OK.

Zuniga: West Virginia – The Sooner Oklahoma gets a defense, the Sooner it’ll be in the playoffs.

Rohden: Oklahoma – Country roads won’t be taking me home.

Bowman: Oklahoma – Cue Rodgers and Hammerstein.

Brummond: Oklahoma – Bring on the Oklahoma-Texas rematch.

Washington at Washington State

Hensley: Washington State – Mike Leach looks and sounds like a wilderness tour guide.

Ruden: Washington State – I would love to talk to Mike Leach about air raid offenses and literally everything else.

Kayser: Washington State – Washington State won 69-28 last week. Nice.

Zuniga: Washington State – This game is for the Apple Cup, and the trophy is not of an apple. What a disappointment.

Rohden: Washington State – Mike Leach is my president

Bowman: Washington State – The only thing that gets Mike Leach more fired up than this game is sovereign immunity.

Brummond: Washington State – A Mike Leach tweet cost school $1.6 million, and that’s not in the top 10 strangest Mike Leach things.

Michigan at Ohio State

Hensley: Michigan – I will wear khakis and a crew neck for this one.

Ruden: Michigan – I disagree with Michigan’s choice to ever accept Tom Brady’s application.

Kayser: Michigan – Nothing better than a good pair of khakis.

Zuniga: Michigan – This will be a nice preview of the team who will pulverize Northwestern next week.

Rohden: Michigan – Please don’t mess this one up, Jimbo.

Bowman: Michigan – Game of the year? Game of the year.

Brummond: Michigan – Fortunately, Urban Meyer should have no problem forgetting this game.

Auburn at Alabama

Hensley: Alabama – Thank you, next.

Ruden: Alabama – War Tide. Roll Eagle.

Kayser: Alabama – Can we start a petition to move Alabama to the NFL? This isn’t fun anymore.

Zuniga: Alabama – ‘Bama is a carbon copy of my old NCAA teams I used to make to dominate college football.

Rohden: Alabama – The skies are so blue.

Bowman: Alabama – I don’t see how ‘Bama doesn’t win the natty.

Brummond: Alabama – Auburn could return five missed FGs for TDs and it wouldn’t be enough.