Spotify is a blessing to college students

Nichole Shaw, Opinion Columnist

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Subscribers in comparison with Apple Music’s 40 million. It’s clear that while both these streaming services dominate the music industry, Spotify is more in demand and is the reigning champion in providing quality music to people around the globe.

For college students, Spotify Premium offers a deal that won’t break their bank accounts. The $4.99 per month deal gives students unlimited access to play any song, download it, listen without ads, and have unlimited skips. On top of that, there’s the added bonus of the television- and movie-streaming services Hulu and Showtime that have partnered with Spotify.

Now, some may argue Apple Music is better because of the high-level exclusive releases from their favorite artists, but those exclusives come at a price. Apple Music doesn’t offer a free tier like Spotify, which is why Apple Music scores all those exclusives. For those who cannot afford a subscription, Spotify still offers users to stream songs for free with ads.

Spotify is also highly customized and caters to each user, preparing playlists and radios that align with your music interests and taste with “Release Radar,” “Discover Weekly,” “Daily Mix” playlists, and more. There’s even a special feature with Secret Genius that allows users to read fun facts about the song or artist and read lyrics, too.

Spotify is also highly interactive, allowing users to create, share, and follow playlists from anyone while following other users, such as their friends, to see what they’re listening to.

In a world where on-demand entertainment has become key to getting through the day, Spotify offers students everything they could ever want for a price that would leave most adults simmering in envy.