Apple Music is the best for streaming music

Austin J. Yerington, Opinion Columnist

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When it comes to the debate between Apple Music and Spotify, it’s a close neck-and-neck race, but at the end of the day, as an iPhone user, Apple Music gets my membership.

Apple Music is the superior streaming service for many reasons. One being, as part of the Apple brand, it definitely has the funds and global support to be easy to use and offer a wide selection of tunes. Apple Music has 40 million songs streaming on its service — 10 million more than Spotify — and is supported in 110 countries compared to Spotify’s 60.

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Also, a membership gives the user personalized playlists based on the user’s history. An often-overlooked bonus that comes with this membership is the Apple Music Beats 1 Radio that is included. This station plays new music and interviews both up-and-coming and famous artists.

Another clear benefit of Apple Music is the way it works with iOS and iTunes. This service lets the member mix all purchased, uploaded, and Apple Music tunes into one big collection so users can listen to them seamlessly.

Another great way Apple Music works with iOS is how it interacts with Siri. Users can ask Siri to pull anything from Apple Music quickly by using their huge library of songs without ever having to open their phones. As a college student, the $4.99 student discount is also a great added bonus.

So, when asked which one is better for music streaming, my opinion is Apple Music is the best option for easily streaming music if you are an iPhone user.