Meet the candidates for Iowa’s 73rd House district

Bobby Kaufmann, a Republican, faces challenger Jodi Clemens, a Democrat, to represent part of Johnson County and Cedar County.


Democrat Jodi Clemens (left) and Republican incumbent Bobby Kauffman (right) are running for Iowa House District 73.

Bobby Kaufmann (R) – Incumbent

Age: 33  

Hometown: Wilton, Iowa

Education: Muscatine Community College, University of Iowa


Education: Bobby Kaufmann supports additional funding for higher-education institutions. He opposes elimination of tenure and using public money to fund private schools.

Health Care: Bobby Kaufmann believes in customized state-by-state health care.

Jobs/Economy: After voting in support of the state tax-change package passed in 2018, Kaufmann said he wants to evaluate the individual tax credit.

Environment/Agriculture: Kaufmann praised the water-quality bill passed last year and would support legislation that makes a bigger investment in water quality.

Jodi Clemens (D)

Age: 36  

Hometown: West Branch

Education: Kirkwood Community College, A.A.


Education: Clemens wants to put additional funding toward the public-school system in Iowa and restore collective bargaining for public employees.

Health Care: Clemens supports a state-run Medicaid program and wants to prevent private companies from increasing health-care costs.

Jobs/Economy: Clemens seeks to cap donations from individuals and add transparency to reform campaign finance.

Environment/Agriculture: Clemens opposes the privatization of public utilities and seeks to introduce legislation to require notification be given to all neighbors before aerial chemicals can be sprayed on fields.

Iowa Secretary of State Office
Iowa’s 73rd House District encompasses the eastern half of Johnson County and Cedar County.