On The Line – Week 6

The Daily Iowan football staff goes head-to-head in the most competitive prediction contest journalism has to offer.


Shivansh Ahuja

Iowa's Keegan Render prepares to snap the ball during a football game between Iowa and Wisconsin on Saturday, Sept. 22, 2018. The Badgers defeated the Hawkeyes, 28-17.

Iowa at Minnesota

Adam Hensley (Pregame Editor, 13-7): Iowa – I bet Minnesota would trade one of its 10,000 lakes for a Super Bowl win.

Pete Ruden (Sports Editor, 13-7): Iowa – Minnesota is just full of a bunch of snowflakes.

Anna Kayser (Asst. Sports Editor, 12-8): Iowa – Minnesota can row its boat to the bottom of the Big Ten.

Jordan Zuniga (Football reporter, 13-7): Iowa – Look for the Hawkeyes to go full whack-a-Gopher.

Lucy Rohden (Co-DITV Sports Director, 15-5): Iowa – Please forgive me for this one, P.J., I still love you more than the world.

Beau Bowman (Co-DITV Sports Director, 16-4): Iowa – Gophers? More like Opossums. They play dead at home and get killed on the road.

Jason Brummond (Publisher, 15-5): Iowa – Minnesota fans: “We hate Iowa.” Minnesota players: “We hate winning Big Ten games.”

No. 13 Kentucky at Texas A&M

Hensley: Kentucky – Fun fact: there are more barrels of bourbon in Kentucky than there are people.

Ruden: Texas A&M – No Johnny Football, no problem (maybe).

Kayser: Texas A&M – Jimbo Fisher is a great name for a head coach.

Zuniga: Texas A&M – This is the week Kentucky starts going back to just being good at basketball.

Rohden: Kentucky – I bet John Calipari pays Kentucky football players, too.

Bowman: Kentucky – Do you ever think about how “High School Musical” and “Breaking Bad” take place in the same town?

Brummond: Texas A&M – But former Hawkeye Mark Stoops has it rolling in Lexington.

Illinois at Rutgers

Hensley: Illinois – The loser should get a catfish, signifying it’s the bottom feeder of the Big Ten.

Ruden: Illinois – I saw you could buy tickets for this game for as little as $3. That’s a little high, I think.

Kayser: Illinois – 2018 Big Ten Toilet Bowl.

Zuniga: Illinois – Rutgers will blow its last chance to win a Big Ten game.

Rohden: Rutgers – Best of the worst, baby.

Bowman: Illinois- Ahhh, the Big Ten matchup we’ve all been waiting for … Up next, Salami State vs. Turkey Tech.

Brummond: Illinois – This was selected to be an 11 a.m. kickoff on BTN in 2015.

Navy at Air Force

Hensley: Navy – When I visited the Air Force Academy, I saw more churches than I did planes. That didn’t add up.

Ruden: Navy – Either way, America wins.

Kayser: Navy – Surprisingly, this game will be a ground war.

Zuniga: Navy – So when will the new Space Force have a team?

Rohden: Navy – Ocean > sky, duhhhhh.

Bowman: Navy – I can’t wait for the year 2045, when we’ll be picking between Space Force and Neptune State.

Brummond: Navy – The real winner in this one: America.

Iowa State at No. 25 Oklahoma State

Hensley: Oklahoma State – Zeb Noland has the name of someone who lives in the woods and believes in witchcraft.

Ruden: Oklahoma State – One day, I just want to witness a press conference rant like Mike Gundy’s.

Kayser: Iowa State – Cyclones touch down more often in Oklahoma than Iowa.

Zuniga: Oklahoma State – At least one group of Cowboys is looking good.

Rohden: Oklahoma State – “I’m a man, I’m 40.”

Bowman: Oklahoma State – Tornadoes are the only thing that messes with Oklahoma. That and poverty, police abuse, record prison rates, and education cuts.

Brummond: Oklahoma State – Clones will be banking on win over Incarnate Word on Dec. 1 to become bowl eligible.

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