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Keter Group’s Outdoor Furniture Is As Sustainable as It Is Stylish


As winter gradually makes way for spring and summer, US consumers look forward to reclaiming their seasonal outdoor living spaces. From Washington State to Florida, and everywhere in between, gathering with family and friends remains a favorite activity for all ages. In 2024, three popular outdoor furniture trends are geared toward patios, decks, and even balconies of all sizes.

First, multiuse spaces maximize the available square footage ─ especially on smaller patios and decks. In every outdoor gathering spot, quality outdoor furniture features superb comfort along with classic style. Sustainable, eco-friendly materials share top billing with quality construction and durability. Finally, furniture pieces and entertaining accessories often migrate from the indoors to the outdoors ─ and back again.

Not surprisingly, Keter Group’s outdoor furniture pieces and accessories perfectly complement these new space design developments. Both trendy and timeless, Keter’s sustainable furnishings are at home in both small and large outdoor living spaces.

Equally importantly, their all-weather sustainable materials and solid construction mean these pieces will last for many years.

Multiuse Settings that Maximize Outdoor Space

Homeowners and tenants are always searching for ways to enjoy their outdoor spaces. Maybe they’d prefer separate areas for sharing drinks and savoring dinner. Perhaps they want a calming outdoor space for yoga or Tai Chi sessions. In 2024, trend-setting designers recommend creating separate outdoor “zones” that come together into one seamless outdoor setting.

To illustrate, a symmetrical patio could be divided into two identical parts. An intimate conversation space can host an evening of cocktails and snacks. An al fresco dining space can occupy the other patio segment. A larger patio, or perhaps an adjacent garden, could include space for stretching and gentle exercise.

Keter Group Furniture: At Home in Every-Sized Space

Whether hosts entertain guests for evening cocktails or a casual dinner party, Keter’s functional (and comfortable) furniture is right at home. View these mix-and-match pieces that together can make a cohesive seating or dining group.

Perhaps best of all, Keter’s outdoor furniture is ideal for patios and decks of all sizes. Even a condo or apartment balcony can become a place for relaxing and socializing with neighbors and friends.

Stylish, Sturdy Adirondack Chairs

Four styles and five colors will blend with any outdoor décor. Guests can pull several Adirondack chairs together for conversation around the fire pit. Alternatively, an evening of stargazing can help everyone to wind down from their hectic day.

Traditional Adirondack Rocking Chairs

A classic rocking chair still enjoys a place in 21st-century homes. This well-built Adirondack rocker is ideal for relaxing on the patio or deck in pleasant weather. And generations of fussy babies have been rocked to sleep in traditional rocking chairs. Even better, all-weather resin construction means these chairs will last for decades.

Outdoor Side Tables

Available in round and square configurations, these compact tables will fit into any outdoor space. They’re perfect for holding drinks and snacks during outdoor gatherings.

3-Piece Patio Seating Group

This compact (and functional) seating group includes two chairs and a versatile side table. Two neutral colors will enhance any outdoor décor.

Eco-friendly Solutions and Long-term Durability

In 2024, outdoor furniture makers across the globe have strengthened their sustainability commitment and use of eco-friendly materials. For their part, consumers are increasingly focused on minimizing their environmental impact in multiple ways.

To illustrate, shoppers often purchase furniture crafted (at least in part) from recycled materials. Unlike furniture built with subpar materials and shoddy construction, recycled-material furniture features quality materials and sturdy, long-lasting construction.

Keter Group: A Sustainable Furniture Industry Leader

The Keter Group mission is completely aligned with the sustainability movement. In fact, the company’s operations are focused around the commitment “to minimize the use of virgin resources and eliminate waste at each stage of the value chain.”

To achieve this worthy objective, Keter Group has been working to include more recycled content in its products. To illustrate, in 2020, the company’s products included 40 percent recycled content. By 2025, Keter Group products are predicted to include 55 percent recycled materials.

Equally importantly, every Keter product is 100 percent recyclable. Again, this step goes a long way in decreasing the items’ environmental impact. Finally, Keter Group completely avoids the manufacturing of single-use plastic consumer market items.

Keter CEO Alejandro Pena: His Sustainability Mission

Alejandro Pena, Keter Group’s Chief Executive Officer (or CEO), continues to embrace the company’s sustainability mission. Since assuming the role in 2018, he has advocated for a circular manufacturing economy. With Keter’s use of recycled materials in every product, Pena has made impressive strides in achieving this goal.

Durability and Classic Styling

Consumers’ growing preference for quality and value drives another 2024 outdoor furniture trend. Today, furniture manufacturers are increasingly producing low-maintenance outdoor furniture that can withstand often-harsh weather conditions. Keter Group’s resin-sourced outdoor furniture certainly fits the fill.

Concurrently, Keter’s neutral-toned outdoor furniture features a crisp modern style crafted in varied textures and finishes. The rattan and knitted looks are especially popular. In addition, consumers can choose from copper, brass, and wood finishes.

Double-Duty Indoor/Outdoor Furniture

In 2024, the United States’ staycation trend continues to flourish. Throughout large cities, small towns, and rural communities, homeowners and tenants are creating spaces for relaxation and socializing with family and friends. Rather than designing two separate gathering spots, resourceful hosts are smoothly integrating their indoor and outdoor settings.

To illustrate, neutral-toned indoor and outdoor furniture lends itself well to colorful, coordinated cushions and accent items. Serving accessories, such as kitchen carts and grill prep stations, are equally at home in either setting. And best of all, these versatile wheeled pieces can streamline cooking or grilling operations, leaving more time to gather with guests.

Versatile Kitchen Cart

Prepping for an al fresco dinner or grilling experience requires multiple trips to and from the kitchen. Hosts ferry food ingredients, serving ware, and utensils outside while trying not to drop anything on the ground.

Fortunately, Keter’s Outdoor Kitchen Cart solves the problem, saves time, and helps keep everyone calm. Hosts can load up this robust wheeled cart in the kitchen before taking it to the right location. The kitchen cart can also be used for food preparation and even a dining surface.

Keter Furniture Combines Style, Versatility, and Durability

Although outdoor furniture trends continue to evolve, Keter’s classic designs have answered consumers’ calls for stylish, multipurpose, and durable outdoor furniture.

Even better, this sustainable furniture line is completely recyclable and combines an ever-growing percentage of recycled materials. With all Keter outdoor furniture made for decades of service, families and friends can look forward to many enjoyable outdoor get-togethers.

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